CERT - Occupational Certificate

The computer networking certificate is appropriate for students who want to obtain an entry-level position in network administration for a business, government agency, or nonprofit organizations. The program provides hands-on training in state-of-the art computer technology. With appropriate choice of courses, the majority of this certificate may be completed while pursuing the Associate of Applied Science in Computer Information Systems.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge in computer networking that will prepare them to obtain an entry-level position within the field.

Learning Outcomes

  • Effectively use a modern office suite, operating system, and computer for everyday needs.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the potential dangers and ethical concerns of using a computer and the Internet.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how to use networks effectively for a business and design and maintain a small network.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the special security concerns that networking brings to an organization and to plan for mitigating or avoiding such.