CERT - Occupational Certificate

An occupational certificate for individuals employed in the accounting industry seeking additional education. Graduates will be employed in entry level accounting positions.

Program Purpose

Provide graduates an opportunity to gain entry-level employment in various accounting positions within the Colorado River Indian Tribe.

Learning Outcomes

  • Complete the accounting cycle using assumptions, constraints, and principles in compliance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  • Complete accounting activities using computerized accounting software.
  • Prepare basic income tax returns.
  • Understand the requirements of payroll in the accounting industry.
  • Understand, describe and report costing concepts for business entities for decision making including budgeting and forecasting.
  • Define and identify types of fraud found in business as well as develop methods of detection, investigation, prevention, and internal control.
  • Understand how government and non-profits record economic activity, prepare budgets, and report financial results.