Program Purpose

The purpose of the program is to meet the needs of the United States Department of Homeland Security (Customs and Border Protection. It is to encourage federal law enforcement officers to seek a degree in their field and assist the individual in their professional endeavors in their chosen field.

The faculty in the Administration of Justice and Homeland Security recognizes the body of knowledge and outcomes acquired by men and women who have successfully completed a professional federal law enforcement training academy. Federal law enforcement officers, bring learning from years on the job, military training, and professional training (non-college) both specialized and non-specialized. The faculty at AWC has created an infrastructure to meet the demands of law enforcement personnel. This major may only be declared by law enforcement.

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The Portfolio Course: The HLS-105 Portfolio Course focuses on a product portfolio. The goal is to help students assemble a portfolio demonstrating mastery of work and related materials that depicts a student's accomplishments and achievements. In the era of performance assessment related to the monitoring of students mastery of a core curriculum, the development of a portfolio reveal skills and knowledge which support instructional objectives. The systematic collection of student work includes submission of a professional resume, a case study involving an aspect in the criminal justice system which can be improved. The case study reveals a range of skills and understanding in the application of knowledge, reflection, and connection. In addition, students submit a 5-year plan for continuity in their career and educational plans.

Program Information

Available Degrees and Certificates

Title Degree or Certificate Checksheet
Customs and Border Protection – Homeland Security Associates in Arts (A.A.) degree

Your Academic Advisor(s)

Contact the Program Advisor for Customs & Border Protection and Homeland Security

Contact the program advisor to discuss:

  • Course selection prior to registration
  • Adding or dropping courses or taking a course credit/no credit, and how this will affect your academic standing, financial aid, or other issues
  • Options for majors, thinking about changing directions, or just want to talk to someone to clarify your thoughts about how well a particular major may fit you
  • Any problems which affect academic performance, including academic progress and personal strengths and challenges
  • Concerns about your study skills or difficulties with your coursework
  • Academic probation or jeopardy of dismissal
  • Career choices, study abroad, and internships
  • College policies and procedures
  • Final graduation requirements (at least one semester prior to

If you are exploring a major or a particular career interest but have not yet declared a major, you are also encouraged to talk to an advisor or a faculty member in the department which offers that major.

Intended Program Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will:

  • Students will be introduced and demonstrate the conventions of formal academic writing versus informal writing.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to describe and identify an aspect in the criminal justice system which can be improved (solution to a problem); make decisions and support views.
  • Students will design and describe a five year professional plan outlining educational and career goals.

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