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Zoom for Communications

What is Zoom?

Zoom is an application that allows cross-platform chat and video conferencing. It’s a tool for meetings and communication wherever there is a WIFI or Cellular signal. The college utilizes Zoom because it is so widely available especially through the College’s use of Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Video Conferencing:
Up to 720P HD Video
HD Voice
Hosting large meetings of up to 100 participants
Unlimited 1 on 1 meetings
Active Speaker – When a user is speaking it allows their video to be highlighted through all participants in chat.
Full Gallery – Allows 20 video feeds per screen

Chat Features:
End to End Encryption
Fully HIPPA compliant
Private and Group Chat
Virtual Backgrounds
Join by telephone call-in
Screen sharing

What are Pro Accounts?

Pro accounts have all basic features but also allow an unlimited meeting duration, as opposed to the Basic-Account’s 45 minutes. There are currently a limited number of Pro Accounts, and the Service Desk will speak with users and see which is the best account per user.

How do I acquire Zoom?

A simple request through the Service Desk will get you an account. The highly qualified personnel at the Service Desk will then get with the user to schedule a time to install the software and ask any questions that may arise.

Where can I learn more about Zoom?

For additional resources and training videos, please visit: