The Mathematics and Engineering Division strives to foster productive members of society by:

  • providing the development foundations to prepare students for college-level mathematics and engineering courses;
  • supporting the General Education focus areas of quantitative analysis, scientific literacy, and digital literacy;
  • providing the necessary courses for students to succeed in their chosen majors;
  • participating in faculty professional development at the local, state, and national levels, thus enabling them to be more effective and innovative instructors; and
  • providing a learning environment based on sound academic standards fostered by care and respect, and inspiring a love for learning throughout life.

Academic Programs Offered

Associate in Arts (AA) in Mathematics – prepares students for transfer to a university and future employment in actuarial sciences, statistics, education, cryptology, cartography, topology, and research.

Associate in Science (AS) in Engineering – prepares students to transfer to a university in a wide variety of engineering majors.

Mathematics and Engineering Division Staff

Miguel Sanchez
Division Chair, Mathematics
(928) 344-7765
Office: EB 112
Regina Abraham
Administrative Secretary
(928) 344-7656
Office: AS 116 or EB 114

Mathematics and Engineering Division Faculty

*Full-time Faculty only. Associate Faculty can be reached by email at (example:

Sotero Alvarado
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7715
Office: SC 111
Nicole Bethurum
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7544
Office: GY 111
Rita Brown
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7782
Office: EB 116
Light Bryant
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7792
Office: LR 248
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7793
Office: LR 230
Lauryn Geritz
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 317-6062
Office: SC 108
Robert Anderson
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7753
Office: EB 117
Renee Macaluso
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7675
Office: SC 112
Greg McGuire
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7732
Office: EB 115
Peggy Locklear
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 314-9570
Parker Learning Center
Brett Peterson
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 314-9456
Office: EB 113
Whitney (Ila) Peterson
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 344-7587
Office: EB 118
Daniel Russow
Professor of Mathematics (Topology) & Lead Academic Advisor
(928) 344-7784
Office: LR 206
Elena Zieba
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 317-6283
Office: SC 107
Kweiman Yang
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 314-9482
Office: San Luis Learning Center
Rebecca Kessler
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 314-9453
Office: San Luis Learning Center
Aaron Koopmann
Professor of Mathematics
(928) 314-9462
Office: San Luis Learning Center