Full-time AWC employees are entitled to many valuable benefits including:

Health Insurance
Dental Insurance
Vision Insurance
Flexible Dependent Care Plan
Flexible Spending Account
Term Life Insurance
Optional Supplemental Life Insurance
Employee Assistance Program
Short-term Disability Insurance
Long-term Disability Insurance
Worker’s Compensation
Unemployment Compensation
Deferred Compensation Plans
Sick Leave
Vacation Leave
Personal Leave
Paid Holidays
Sabbatical Leave
Tuition Free Classes


An employee may obtain one examination and one set of lenses every 12 months and one new set of frames every 24 months. There is a $25 split co-pay, that is, you pay $10 for an examination only and an additional $15 for glasses and/or lenses.


100% for Type I (Routine Services) check-ups, X-rays, and cleaning every six months. $50 deductible, then 80% for Type II (Basic Services) extractions, oral surgery, fillings.  $50 deductible, then 50% for Type III (Major Services) inlays, fillings, crowns.  Annual maximum per employee per year is $1,500.

Orthodontia is 50% to a lifetime maximum of $1,500. 


An employee has the option to elect to pay dependent medical & dental premiums with before-tax dollars.  An employee may also set aside money before taxes for dependent care and/or non-reimbursed medical expenses. 


Employees may purchase additional Optional Life Insurance through payroll deductions.  Optional Life is also available for dependents.  Premiums are based upon the employee’s age and the volume of insurance purchased.  Evidence of Insurability (EOI) is required.


Through an EAP, the College provides [at no cost to the employee] a 24-hour counseling hot-line benefit, 10 counseling sessions per fiscal year, and referral services to employees and their dependents.


Arizona Western College provides a life insurance benefit of $20,000 for full-time employees. After completion of 2 years of full-time service, employees have a benefit 2.5 times their annual basic earnings.  For the specific schedule of benefits and maximum amounts, please contact Human Resources.

Benefits Links


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 Retirement & Investment

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"ASRS" Online Educational Meetings Registration Link
Online Retirement Benefit Estimator & Service Purchase Estimator Link

Miscellaneous Benefits

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Official Holidays Download
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Leave Information

Check the Policies and Procedures page to access all procedures.

College Leave Procedures

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Sick Leave Download
Personal Leave Download
Military Leave Download
Vacation Leave Download
Jury Duty Download
Bereavement Leave Download
Voting Leave Download
Family Medical Leave Act Download

Family Medical Leave Act Information

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