Entry Salary Scale for New Faculty - 2021-2022

New hires are granted 1% for each year of directly related teaching experience (for academic areas) and 1% for each year of directly related occupational experience (for vocational areas). No experience credit will be given beyond a total of six (6) years.

Career and Technical Education $49,057
Master’s Degree $54,134
Master’s Degree +30 Semester Hours $59,355
PhD $67,396

Adjunct Faculty & Overload Salary Schedule 2021-2022

  Rate per Equated Load
Adjunct Faculty $810/eq. ld.
Overload $810/eq. ld.

Professional/Administration Salary Schedule 12-Month Salary Schedule 2021-2022

A market compensation survey was completed Spring of 2019. The listed information for Grade, Position and Minimum is effective July 1, 2019.

B-2-4 Child Development Learning Laboratory Classroom Teacher $35,250
C-4-1 Academic and Career Advisor $41,322
  Accounts Receivable Supervisor  
  Assistant Softball Coach/Sports Coordinator  
  Assistant Volleyball Coach/Sports Coordinator  
  Career and Academic Advisor/Academic Restart Coordinator  
  Career and Academic Advisor/Student Athlete Support Services  
  CARES Accountant (Temp-Grant Funded)  
  Financial Aid Coordinator/Assistant Women's Basketball Coach  
  Human Resources Coordinator (Generalist)  
  KAWC Host/Producer  
  KAWC News Producer/Host  
  Learning Articulation Coordinator for Instinct2 Grant  
  Military and Veteran Coordinator/Advisor  
  Outreach & Activities Coordinator, CAMP Program  
  Outreach Services Coordinator/Assistant Men's Basketball Coach  
  Program Coordinator, YES Grant  
  Residence Hall Director/Assistant Baseball Coach  
  Student Support Coordinator (Instinct2 Grant Funded)  
  Talent Development Coordinator  
  Television Producer  
  Transfer Services & Program Coordinator  
C-4-2 Academic Advisor/Transition Coordinator $50,544
  Academic Success Advisor - Trio Talent Search  
  Accountant / HEERF II (Grant Funded)  
  Advising and Student Services Coordinator, South Yuma County  
  Distance Education Librarian  
  Experiental Learning Specialist  
  Financial Aid Manager - Operational  
  Financial Aid Manager - Technical  
  Information Technology Librarian  
  Institutional Grants Coordinator  
  Institutional Technology Coordinator  
  KAWC News & Operations Director  
  LETA Coordinator  
  Manufacturing Program Coordinator (Grant Funded)  
  Nursing Assistant Program Clinical Coordinator/Instructor  
  Nursing Clinical Facilitator  
  Nursing Lab Coordinator  
  Outreach and Instruction Librarian  
  Outreach and Student Services Coordinator - La Paz  
  Program Manager - KEYS Program  
  Program Manager - Talent Search  
  Program Manager - Upward Bound  
  Sign Language Interpreter/Access Coordinator  
  Student Health and Wellness Coordinator  
  Student Success Center Coordinator  
  Technical Services Librarian  
  Underwriting Sales Representative  
  Vocational Education Coordinator (Grant Funded)  
C-4-4 Accountant - Team Lead / Grants $52,598
  Athletic Trainer  
  Coordinator of Development and Alumni Relations  
  Coordinator of Physical and Wellness Education  
  Compliance Coordinator for Military and Veteran Services  
  Creative Director  
  Director of College Assistance Migrant Program  
  Director of Conferences & Events  
  Director of Emergency Medical Services  
  Director of Facilities Management  
  Director of Healthcare Programs  
  Director of Instinct2Grant  
  Director of International Programs  
  Director of Law Enforcement Training Academy  
  Director of Printing Programs and Services  
  Director of Risk Management & Special Projects  
  Director of Testing Services  
  Director, Interactive Television Network  
  Director, Radiologic Technology Program  
  Director, Television Services  
  Director, WIOA  
  Early College/Dual Credit Program Manager  
  Experiential Learning Specialist  
  Instructional Designer  
  Military and Veteran Services Coordinator  
  Print Services Supervisor  
  Residence Hall Director/Coordinator of Residential Activities  
  Student Counseling Professional  
  Student Success Center Coordinator  
  Technical Research Analyst  
  Transfer Services & Program Coordinator  
  Webmaster II  
C-5-2 Agriculture Science Manager $57,955
  Benefits Manager  
  Coordinator for IT Stackable Certificates (Grant Funded)  
  Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities  
  Database Manager & Research Analyst  
  Director of AWC Child Development Learning Laboratory  
  Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Access  
  Director of Housing & Residence Life  
  Director of Transfer Services  
  Financial Aid Disbursement Manager  
  Nursing Lab Coordinator  
  Payroll Manager  
  Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator  
  Registration Operations Coordinator  
  Sports Information Director/Associate Athletic Director  
D-6-1 Chief of Police $68,250
  Director of Grants  
  Director of Communications and Marketing  
  Director of Institutional Advancement  
  Director of Institutional Effectiveness Research  
  Director of Nursing and Allied Health  
  Director of Student Resources Services  
  General Manager, KAWC Radio  
D-6-2 Director of Admissions/Registrar $69,225
  Director of Assessment, Program Review, Curriculum & Articulation  
  Director of Athletics  
  Director of Career and Advisement Services  
  Director of Financial Aid  
  Director of TRIO Programs  
D-6-3 Accounting Manager & Assistant Controller $71,700
  Director of Library Services  
  Director of Nursing  
  Director of Purchasing  
  Director of TRIO Programs  
  Executive Director of Student Success and Retention  
  Associate Dean for La Paz County Services $78,000
  Associate Dean for South Yuma County Services  
  Associate Dean of Communication and Marketing  
  Associate Dean of Enrollment Services  
  Associate Dean of Instructional Development & Student Learning Experience  
  Associate Dean of Liberal Arts and Education  
  Associate Dean SCI, MAT, EGR and WPE  
D-6-4 Chief of Staff $90,650
  Dean of Students  
  Dean of Workforce Development/Career and Technical Education  
D-7-1 Chief Human Resources Officer $95,233
  Director of Financial Services and Controller  
E-8-1 Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services $122,575
  Vice President for Instructional Advancement  
  Vice President for Learning Services  
  Vice President for Student Services  
  Vice President for Workforce Development/Career and Technical Education  

Classified Salary Schedule Hourly-Rate Schedule 2021-2022

A market compensation survey was completed Spring of 2019. The listed information for Grade, Position and Minimum is effective July 1, 2019.


Groundskeeper A-1-2 $12.80  
Athletic Facilities Maintenance/Custodian A-1-3 $12.80  
  A-1-4 $12.86 Clerk
      Clerk - South Yuma County
      Financial Aid Records Clerk I
      Mailroom Clerk
Building Services Technician B-2-1 $14.12 Accounts Receivable Technician
Groundskeeper I     Administrative Assistant - Student Success Center
      Agricultural Laboratory Tech
      Disbursement Specialist
      Instructional Support Technician
      Operator/Welcome Center Specialist
      Program Specialist - KEYS Program
      Program Specialist - Talent Search and Upward Bound
      Senior Secretary - CAMP
      Senior Secretary - Career and Advisement Services
      Senior Secretary - Career Services
      Senior Secretary - Construction & Technology Divisions
      Senior Secretary - Healthcare, AG, Cul, USA Drones
      Senior Secretary - Library Services
      Senior Secretary - PSI
      Senior Secretary - Student Resource Services
      Testing Services Technician I
      WIA Instructional Assistant
HVAC Service Mechanic B-2-2 $16.19 Administrative Secretary
Locksmith Assistant     Administrative Secretary - Athletics
Painter/Carpenter     Administrative Secretary - Allied Health
Storekeeper     Administrative Secretary - AWC Foundation
      Administrative Secretary - Campus Police
      Administrative Secretary - Child Development Learning Laboratory
      Administrative Secretary - Enrollment Services
      Admissions & Registration Technician
      CDLL Infant/Toddler Teacher
      Center Support Specialist - La Paz
      Continuing Education Specialist
      Financial Aid Technician
      Graphic Designer
      Human Resources Assistant
      Police Dispatcher
      Print Services Press Operator/Technician
      Risk Management Technician
      Senior Graphic Designer
Automotive Laboratory Technician B-2-3 $18.70 Accounting Specialist/Cashier
Carpenter     Accounts Receivable Specialist
Electrician (Semi-Skilled)     Administrative Assistant - Associate Dean of Instructional Development & Student Learning Experience
HVAC Mechanic     Administrative Assistant - Continuing Education
Plumber     Administrative Assistant - Dean of Workforce Development & CTE
      Administrative Assistant - Facilities Management
      Administrative Assistant - Nursing
      Administrative Assistant - Student Success Center
      Administrative Assistant - South Yuma County
      Administrative Secretary - Campus Life/Conduct Officer
      Admissions & Recruitment Specialist
      Career Services Specialist
      Central Receiving Supervisor
      Enrollment Coach
      Financial Aid Disbursement Specialist
      Financial Aid Specialist
      Financial Aid Specialist Cares Act HEERF (Temp/Grant Funded)
      Library Specialist Circulation
      Library Specialist - Technical Services
      Outreach and Student Services Specialist - La Paz
      Purchasing Specialist
      Residential Life Operations Specialist
      Travel Accounts Payable Specialist
Assistant Building Services Supervisor B-2-4 $19.48 Accounts Receivable & Sponsor Billing Specialist  
Carpenter Supervisor     Assessment and Scheduling Specialist
Groundskeeper II     Biology Laboratory Manager
      Conference and Events Specialist
      Curriculum and Scheduling Specialist
      Financial Aid Scholarship Specialist
      Financial Aid Technician II
      Financial Aid Technician II - SYC
      Human Resources Specialist I
      Purchasing Card Administrator and Asset Management Specialist
      Testing Services Technician II
Police Officer B-3-1 $20.32 Accounts Payable Office Manager
Welding Laboratory Technician     Office Manager - Facilities Management
Agriculture Lab Foreman B-3-2 $21.81 Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Learning Services  
Building Services Supervisor     Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Student Services
Carpenter Supervisor     Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services
Electrician Supervisor     Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Advancement
Facilities Supervisor - La Paz     Administrative Assistant - Vice President for Workforce Development & CTE
Institutional Locksmith     AWC Foundation Accounting Administrator
Plumbing Supervisor     Buyer
Police Sergeant     Conference and Event Technician I
Supervisor of Grounds and Irrigation Systems     Graduation/Registration Specialist
      Office Manager/Analytic Specialist
      Payroll Specialist
      Strategic Content/Social Media Specialist
      Technology Purchasing and Asset Management Specialist
      Transfer Specialist
      Web Developer
      WIOA Office Manager (Grant Funded)
Carpenter Superintendent C-4-4 $25.29  
HVAC Supervisor      
Police Lieutenant      
Stationary Engineer      

Part-time Salary Schedule Hourly-Rate 2021-2022

*Subject to change due to Minimum Wage Rules

College Payroll N/A $12.80* Assistant Coaches
Work Study     College Payroll
Work Experience     Library Aide I
      Work Study
      Work Experience
Custodian A-1-1 $12.80* Clerical Aide
Print Shop Aide     Info Center Assistant
Automotive Aide     Lab Aide
      Library Aide II
      Peer Advisor/Mentor/Tutor
      Registration Aide
      Switchboard Aide
      Teacher Aide
Groundskeeper A-1-2 $12.80* Campus Life Attendant
Materials Handler     Inventory Clerk
 Pool Maintenance A-1-3 $12.80* Child Care Clerk 
 Fitness Center Maint     Computer Lab Supv. I
      Div./Dept. Clerk
 Semi-Skilled Labor A-1-4 $12.80* Assignments Specialist
 Semi-Skilled Painter     Cashier
      Computer Lab Supv. II
      Financial Aid Clerk
      Fitness Center Assistant
      Mailroom Clerk
      Registration Clerk
      Talent Search/Upward Bound Clerk
      WIA Office Clerk
Agriculture Ambassador B-2-1 $12.80* Accounts Receivable Clerk
Lifeguard     ITN Operator
      Lab Technician
      Library Tech Assistant
      Performing Art Host/Driver
      Production Assistant
      Records Clerk
      Resident Assistant
      Senior Secretary
      Technology Support Clerk
      Testing Center Assistant
Agriculture Lab Specialist B-2-2 $12.80* Adult Basic Education Tutor
      Greenhouse Technician
      Journalism Editor
      Reading Assistant
      Security Officer
      Teachers' Assistant
      Transcript Evaluator Specialist
      Writing Lab Assistant
 Carpenter  B-2-3 $12.80* Administrative Assistant, Prison Programs
 Electrician     Campus Photographer
Police (POST Certified)     Graphic Designer
      Outreach Specialist
      Payroll Clerk
Bus Driver N/A $12.80*  
  N/A $12.80* AVID Tutor
  N/A $12.80* Scientific Aide
  B-2-4 (P/A) $12.80 Job Developer/Placement Specialist
      Salome Program Coord.
  C-4-1 (P/A)  $12.99 Academic Coach
      Coordinator of Gaming USA/GST & EIR Grant
      KAWC Morning Edition Host/Producer
      Student Employment Coordinator
      Study Hall Coordinator
      Supplemental Instruction Leader
  N/A $13.59 Fitness Center Staff
  N/A $14.50 Technology Support Technician
      Web Developer
  N/A $16.16 Assistant Instructor
    $16.19 Police Dispatcher
  N/A $20.00 EMS Instructor-Certified EMT
  N/A $26.12 Adult Basic Education Instructor
  N/A $26.12 LETA Instructor
  N/A $26.89 EMS Instructor-Certified Paramedic
  N/A $36.00 Sign Language Interpreter

Contact Info

Phone: (928) 344-7505
Fax: (928) 317-6001
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:00pm