Basic Geospatial Technology

CERT - Occupational Certificate

The certificate provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to gain an entry level technical position in GIS.

Program Purpose

This certificate is designed to prepare students for employment in the geospatial workforce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic proficiency in map creation and design principles, including thematic map display, employment of map projections and cartographic design.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the creation and acquisition of spatial data including the use of the Global Position System.
  • Access different sources of data, demonstrate the process of creating data, and discuss the fundamental concepts of data quality.
  • Prepare data for use in analysis.
  • Organize the data sets resulting from analysis.

Program Map

Recommended Program Map / Program Requirements

The recommended plan below meets the requirements to complete this program.  For official requirements, visit the AWC Catalog. If the recommended classes listed below don’t fit your schedule or interests, you can take alternate classes. 

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First Semester

Course Course Title Credits Area
GST 101 Introduction to Geospatial Technology 2 Major Requirement
GST 102 Spatial Analysis  2 Major Requirement
Open the program map above to view the recommended classes to complete the program. You can also print the program map using the button above.