A.A. - Transfer Degree

Students in this major receive a thorough foundation in Dance history, styles, performance, and theory; with the assistance of their Academic Advisor, students then select courses according to the major they wish to pursue at the university.

Program Purpose

To serve students in strong local High School and Studio dance program who are seeking to pursue dance as performing art and career. Provide employment opportunities in secondary and post-secondary education; choreographer, producer, and director

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate technical proficiency by incorporating kinesthetic and somatic principles of movement in various dance styles.
  • Apply and analyze artistic elements including intention, movement quality, breath, connection, phrasing, self-awareness, and musicality while performing.
  • Correlate historical and cultural knowledge of various dance styles and approaches to movement practices and performance.
  • Use critical and creative thinking skills in the composition of choreography.
  • Critically analyze and evaluate choreography, technique, and performance and be able to communicate feedback using thoughtful written and oral dialogue.