Associate in Arts

A.A. - Transfer Degree

The Associate in Arts degree is designed for students who are undecided about a university major. As such, students are asked to complete two steps: 1. complete the AGEC-A and 2. create a block of credits: (to meet the required 60-64 credit program minimum) which are transferable to any of the three public state universities in Arizona; the selection of these courses (numbered 100 or higher) ought to be made in consultation with an academic or faculty advisor and by consulting the Course Equivalency Guide (CEG) ( Students should select courses based on exploring various fields of interests.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate (1) basic knowledge in the arts, humanities, and social and behavioral sciences that will prepare them for transfer to the university and (2) critical thinking skills in AWC’s General Education focus areas.

Learning Outcomes

To review the list of student learning outcomes, please visit the General Education website and the course syllabi for the completed electives.