Broadband Fiber Optics Technician and Apprenticeship

CERT - Occupational Certificate

This certificate prepares the student for a career as an entry-level telecommunications technician specializing in fiber optics. Students will learn to install, terminate, test, and troubleshoot single-mode and multimode fiber optic cabling systems in a variety of building foundations while working in the filed as a Broadband Fiber Optics Technician apprentice.

Program Purpose

Allows students to gain knowledge and skills pertaining to broadband fiber optics while simultaneously working as a Broadband Fiber Optics Technician apprentice.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and practical skills in basic electricity.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of fiber optics theory and principles, broadband technologies, installation and termination techniques, and splicing and repair procedures.
  • Install, operate, and maintain fiber optic cable plants used in broadband telecommunications networks using industry-standard fiber optics equipment.
  • Describe the various foundation and framing materials and terminology and demonstrate the ability to perform basic foundation and framing construction.
  • Develop practical skills and knowledge regarding troubleshooting different scenarios through apprenticeship experiences.

Additional Information

If you are ready to apply to the apprenticeship program, complete the application.

Equal Opportunity Employer/Program

Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.  Rev. 10/2022