Student Resources

You'll find a range of valuable resources below to support your academic journey. We understand the challenges students face, which is why we offer services like TI-84 graphing calculator rentals, workshops, and writing and math resources.

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Reading Skills Link
How to Write a Scholarship Essay Link
Writing in APA Format Link
Resumes and Cover Letters Link
Creating Prezi Presentations Link
Developing Your Writing Portfolio Link


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Grammarly Link
PrepSTEP Link
Misused and Abused Words Download

Writing and Style

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AWC Writing Guide Download
Credo View Link
Opposing Viewpoints Link Link
Revision Strategies for Argumentation Essays Download
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab Link
Paradigm Online Writing Assistant Link

Research Help

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Research Help through the Library Link


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Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab Link
Interesting Things for ESL Students Link
Selected Links for ESL & EFL Students Link

General Math

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TI Calculator Guide Books Link
Khan Academy Link

Basic Math and Algebra

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The World of Math Online Link
Practical Algebra Lessons Link
Visual Fractions Link

Advanced Math

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Math Formulas and Tables Link
SOS Mathematics Link
MIT Open Courseware (Lecture Notes & Videos)   Link


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TI 83 & 84 Statistical Computations Download


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WebElements™ periodic table Link
Periodic Table and More Link

Refresher Courses

Course Name Course ID Course Content
Math 71 Refresher 2797 Download
Math 81 Refresher 2795 Download
Math 121 Refresher 2796 Download
Math 151 Refresher 2835 Download
Math 187 Refresher 2873 Download
Math 220 Refresher 2949 Download offers several FREE noncredit online courses. These courses can help you review before you start a math class, particularly if you have not taken math in a long time, or can help you study for the ACCUPLACER tests. You can enroll in these courses any time, and students are allowed to work at their own pace.

If you need any help with the courses you can ask the AWC Math Center tutors for assistance.

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PrepSTEP Link

Faculty Resources

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Working with the Writing Center as a faculty member Download
Ways to Introduce our Center Download
ENG 80/90 Personalized Proofreading Conventions Matrix Download
Personalized Proofreading Conventions Matrix Download
What do you do when you encounter disturbing writing from a student? Link
File/Website Name File/Link
Preventing Plagiarism Link
Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism Download
File/Website Name File/Link
Faculty Recommendation Form for Tutors Download
PrepSTEP Link
Faculty Pre-recorded Workshop: Students in Crisis Link