Innovation Fund

In 2017 Dr. Corr and The District Governing Board launched the inaugural Innovation Fund to support the development of AWC initiatives aligned with Strategic Planning. This year, $86,000 in funds are available for one-time projects beginning in Spring 2023 that support Strategic Planning efforts, specifically projects that align with AWC’s Mission, Vision, and Values. This limited-time funding is designed to encourage innovative thinking outside the parameters of the annual fiscal year budget.

AWC Faculty, Staff, & Students are encouraged to develop project proposals in the Topic Area below for implementation in the Spring 2023 semester.

Arizona Western College commits to delivering an amazing student experience characterized by:

  • A connected community within which students are encouraged, challenged and feel they belong.
  • Programs developed and aligned with employment opportunities.
  • A clear path to success and completion.
  • Flexible, accessible services and learning approaches.
  • Contemporary technology that supports and enhances the AWC experience.

Dr. Corr will chair the Innovation Screening Committee made up of faculty, and staff, prior Innovation Fund recipients and students announced Monday, December 5th, 2022 and funds available to winners January 2023.

Submitting a Proposal

  1. Project Cover Sheet
  2. Project Description
    A maximum 500-word description of the project. Please include:
    1. Selected Topic Area
    2. Purpose of the project
    3. Benefit to students
    4. Amount requested
    5. How funds will be allocated
    6. Names/titles of those involved
    7. How project success will be measured
  3. Elevator Pitch Video - A 2-4 minute video explaining your project and its potential impact. Be as creative as you like.
Email Proposals and video by November 2, 2022 to

Note: Successful project proposals will be student-centered, collaborative, and innovative.

Innovation Fund Awards 2022

  • Sara Amani - TEDxAWC - $16,487
  • Sam Colton - AWC Solar Training Center - $17,000
  • Rosalia Delgado - CAMP Lounge - $16,181
  • Brenda Doak - Reskilling Mural (Downtown) - $5,760
  • Grant Molinar - Honors Lunch in the Lounge - $2,500
  • Kristine Duke - Business Simulation - $5,500
  • Stephanie O’Connor - Shade of Possibilities - $9,727
  • Adriana Martinez - Student Wellness Room - $5,500

Congratulations to the projects awarded funding!

Innovation Fund Awards 2021

  • Julie Koepp - Andale's Apparel - $ 22,000
  • Biri Martinez - Future Matador Digital Display - $ 10,000
  • Leah McKeogh - Rainbow Mural and Sidewalk - $ 8,200
  • Laura Sandigo - Adaptive Technology Pilot Loan Program - $ 6,337
  • Susie Zambrano - Magnificent Matadors - $ 6,585

Congratulations to the projects awarded funding!

Innovation Fund Awards 2020

Congratulations to the projects awarded funding!

Innovation Fund Awards 2019

Congratulations to the 12 projects awarded funding during the Strategic Planning Innovation Fund selection process!

Innovation Fund Awards 2018

Congratulations to the projects awarded funding during the inaugural Strategic Planning Innovation Fund selection process!

For more details about the steps or to see project descriptions view the PowerPoint.