Agility Implementation Team

Agility Vision

Cultivate an agile culture and institutional model that strengthens the future of AWC and the region.

Strategic Objectives We are responsible for carrying out:

  • COMPLETE - Establish an equitable model of shared governance that builds a culture of empowerment by minimizing hierarchy and broadening decision making. January 2019
  • Review processes, procedures and policies to improve efficiency and create sensible work flows to increase student, faculty, and staff satisfaction. July 2019
  • Design a cross-training model to support collaborative staffing resource flexibility. July 2019
  • Create and fund a professional development model to grow bench strength and assist with succession planning. January 2020

Agility Guidelines

  • Employees are empowered to participate in the identification of problems and solutions
  • Look at a defined standard of practice that leads to establishing parameters for assessment and accountability
  • Always have multiple constituents/stakeholders at the table
  • Recommended changes for problems are made after all the people connected or effected by the process collaborate to find a resolution

Agility Documents

File Name Downloads
Agility Processes, Procedures, and Policies Download
Agility Self-Assessment - Shared Governance Download
Deal Makers & Breakers Workshop Presentation Download
Deal Makers & Breakers Workshop Questions Download
Deal Makers & Breakers Workshop Responses Download
Notes from Focus Group on Section 8 Download
Combined Minutes - 03/28/18 - 09/03/19 Download