Accessibility Implementation Team

Accessibility Vision

Eliminate cultural, financial, time and place barriers to education.

Strategic Objectives We are responsible for carrying out:

  • COMPLETE - Develop and implement a multiyear data-driven class schedule that aligns with program offerings and transfer/ workforce demands to increase enrollment by 5% at all campuses. June 2020
    • Results
    • The Student Survey that was conducted in fall 2018 and spring 2019 collected student feedback on schedule times, delivery methods, and course offerings, mainly geared toward summer.
    • The standard time schedule models were presented to President’s Cabinet with supporting and opposing comments and general notes. The final decision for which model was left up to President’s Cabinet.
    • The two YCAT documents provide data received from YCAT on AWC ridership.
    • The summer data document provides a comparison of summer enrollment, drops, withdrawals, and success rates for summer 2017, 2018, and 2019. There are also some drop comparison numbers for fall 2017-spring 2019.
    • The last survey is the fall 2018-spring 2019 data collected online.
  • COMPLETE - Offer open educational resources in 50% of all classes. July 2022
  • COMPLETE - Allocate appropriate resources to meet the growing community and educational needs in South County and other district priorities as identified by the Facilities Master Plan. January 2025
  • COMPLETE - Develop and deliver “wrap-around” services that accelerate student time to completion. January 2022
  • COMPLETE - Research and adopt a Guided Pathways model that aligns with AWC student & community needs. November 2018
  • Develop a partnership with the high school district to design and deliver
  •  aligned developmental curriculum at the High School level to reduce barriers to college-level courses. June 2020

Accessibility Documents

File Name Downloads
YCAT Email Download
YCAT Data for AWC Ridership Download
Summer Drop and Success Rate Data Download
Student Survey - Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Download
Student Survey (Online) - Fall 2018 - Spring 2019 Download
Standard Time Model Feedback and Notes Download
Proposed Transfer & Career Pathways Framework Download