Preschool Centered-Based Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential

CERT - Occupational Certificate

This is a highly individualized, competency-based program taught primarily on-site in early childhood settings where students are working with children. The courses are organized around the competencies adopted by the CDA National Credentialing Program. Employment in this area is expected to rise as Head Start and other day care providers are requiring the CDA credential. This program is "open entry/open exit", therefore, students may be enrolled at any time. All courses require permission of instructor. Students, in consultation with the Director of Early Childhood Programs, develop the program of study that prepares for the national credential process. Additional modules may be required to demonstrate competency before a student is scheduled for the assessment process. Students will undergo a background and fingerprint check before entering any of the laboratory courses.

Program Purpose

Graduates will demonstrate basic knowledge in child development that will prepare them for a national credential and to obtain an entry level position within the field.