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What we do...

As a group of communicators, it is our goal to advance the mission of the college by telling the stories of our students, faculty and staff, and the impact of the college in the community. We also work to keep information flowing so that our faculty, staff and students spread across many locations and through many channels are connected and engaged with the larger mission.

Communications, Marketing, Design, Photo Request

Telling your stories...

Communication and branding only work when the information we share is authentic, credible, and important. We love telling the stories of our students, their journey through college, the events and projects our faculty and staff plan, and demonstrated learning outcomes and how they impact our community. Please let us help you celebrate the good work you do by using the form above to request communications support.

Our Brand

Branding is a promise, a pledge of quality. It is the essence of an experience, including why it is great, and how it is better than a competitor’s offerings. It is an image. It is the intangible, but real, value of combinations of words, letters, symbols, and colors that are associated with an experience. It is the process in which the character of an institution is communicated. It includes any experience that a potential student, faculty, the community or business partner might have with the institution. (From logo, signage, architecture, landscaping, to interaction with a website). The impression that is created in the mind of the viewer or visitor establishes a perception that differentiates and sets Arizona Western College apart from other academic institutions.


Elements of Our Brand


Communications for AWC should project an academic institution, but should do so through designs that portray feelings of safety and community. Language should be simple, honest and direct. This is a case where “less is more”. Ideas should be simple and concise.


Photographic subjects should not appear staged or posed, but caught in a genuine moment of learning or life experience. Subjects should be looking into the camera. Showing students interacting with instructors or other students will communicate the open, fun, comfortable, honest experience students and faculty have at AWC. All photography should be utilized for the most part using natural lighting. The cropping should be tight to make viewers feel as if they are part of the experience.

Design Elements

Designs should combine clean and simple elements. The elements utilized should invoke a sense of safety, familiarity and a feeling of community. The combination of elements should appear stable but not static. There should be enough movement to the elements to speak to this idea of opportunity and responsiveness but not too quick as to remove the familiarity and comfort from the designs.

Colors and Logo


AWC Primary Color Palette

Primary Colors


AWC Secondary Color Palette

Secondary Colors


AWC Tertiary Color Palette

Tertiary Colors


CMYK and RGB values


AWC Logo



Modified in April of 2010, the Arizona Western College logo consists of a stylized mountain graphic surrounded by the rays of a rising sun with the words “Arizona Western College” below. It symbolizes knowledge, enlightenment, and renewal in the context of our natural surroundings and southwest culture. This newer logo looks similar to an earlier logo, but the difference is this: the mountains inside the sun rays clearly resemble an “AW”; the old version featured mountains that resembled a letter “M”.

The college logo may be proportionally resized, but it should not be reduced to less than three-quarter-inches in height. It is a visual identifier only and should not be used as the main decorative element on a page.

The logo must not be distorted or altered in any way. Using elements of the logo to create other logomarks is also prohibited.

Redrawing, tracing, scanning, or using photocopies of the logo result in distortion and loss of detail. Only authorized electronic versions of the logo should be used. To request an electronic logo for use, please contact the graphic design team in Communications & Marketing at (928) 314-9596.

If a publication is co-produced by AWC and one or more organizations, those organizations’ logos may appear with the AWC logo. However, the AWC logo must be featured as prominently as the logos of co-sponsors and may not be modified or combined with any other logos. If you have questions about how to use the AWC logo, please contact the graphic design team in Communications & Marketing at (928) 314-9596.

Student and auxiliary organizations should contact Leah McKeogh, Creative Director, for assistance and approval in using the AWC logo on any promotional materials they may wish to publish.

Logo Colors

It is always acceptable to print the logo in black or in any of the approved AWC colors. However, you may not color-separate the logo; i.e., make the sun rays one color, the logotype or mountain graphic another color. Please feel free to call College Publications at (928) 314-9590 if you have questions.

Social Media

Arizona Western College maintains official social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Connect with us at!

Looking to promote your event or just have some good news to share? Fill out a Marketing Request for Social Media and let us help you spread the word! We choose the best post times and strategies to ensure promotions are seen by the largest audience possible on the most appropriate platform(s). We also adhere to quality standards that allow us to put the best of AWC forward. Please note: If further details are needed, or if there is an issue with your request, you will receive a follow-up email. If we receive all that we need in the request, there may be no need for a follow-up and you should see your promotion on official AWC social media in the near future.

If you have questions about our social media work, please contact our Social Media Specialist.