Formal Grievance Pool & Title IX Staff

The Formal Grievance Process relies on a pool of administrators (“the Pool”) to carry out the process. Members of the Pool are announced in the annual Title IX Notification to students, employees, prospective students, and prospective employees.

Pool Member Roles

Members of the Pool are trained annually and can serve in the following roles, at the direction of the Title IX Coordinator:

  • To act as an Advisor to the parties
  • To investigate complaints
  • To serve as a hearing facilitator (process administrator, not the decision-making role)
  • To serve as the Decision-maker regarding the complaint
  • To serve as an Appeal Chair

Pool Member Training

The Pool members receive annual training, either jointly or based on their respective roles. This training includes, but is not limited to:

  • The scope of the Arizona Western College’s Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures
  • The definition of sexual harassment
  • The scope of the Arizona Western College’s education program or activity
  • How to conduct an investigation and grievance process including hearings, appeals, as applicable, and how to serve impartially, including by avoiding prejudgment of the facts at issue, conflicts of interest, and bias.

Decision-makers will receive training on:

  • Any technology to be used at a live hearing and
  • Issues of relevance of questions and evidence, including when questions and evidence about the Complainant’s sexual predisposition or prior sexual behavior are not relevant.

In addition to the trainings above, investigators will receive training on:

  • Issues of relevance to create an investigative report that fairly summarizes relevant evidence

Any materials used to train Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and any person who facilitates an informal resolution process, will:

  • not rely on sex stereotypes,
  • promote impartial investigations and adjudications of formal complaints of sexual harassment.

All Pool members are required to attend these trainings annually.

The materials used to train all members of the Pool are publicly posted on the Title IX Training Resources page.