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Course Description
Digital Photography 1

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of digital photography. Students will learn to capture, retrieve, manipulate, enhance, store, and output their photographs using appropriate hardware and software. Students will enrich the aesthetic dimension of life through the exploration of photography as fine art.

Digital Photography 2

This course builds on the skills acquired in Digital Photography 1. Through the medium of digital photography, students will develop a personal philosophy articulated through their photographs. Advanced aesthetic theories will be explored and students will assemble a portfolio.

Painting 1

Composition, color, and technical handling of paint are explored, along with preparation of canvas and other painting surfaces. Emphasis is on creative investigation.

Painting 2

Advanced use of color and paint manipulation. Drawing and composition are emphasized.

Ceramics 1

A hands-on look at the history of the use of clay and how it leads to the development of contemporary ceramic art. Techniques covered will include primitive coiling, wheel throwing, modeling, and contemporary slab forming.

Ceramics 2

Continued study of ceramic techniques with emphasis on design and individual student directions.

Ceramics 3

Continued study of ceramic techniques with emphasis on surface, firing skills, ceramic history, and design.

Ceramics 4

Continued study of ceramic techniques with emphasis on individual directions.

Painting 3

Further investigation into color and paint manipulation. Format and serial nature of work emphasized.

Painting 4

Further investigation into all aspects of painting (form, color, format, content) to develop a viable body of work.


Introduction to relief and intaglio printmaking. Relief technique is demonstrated in multicolor woodcut/linocut printing. Intaglio techniques include drypoint, engraving and etching. Monoprinting is also explored.

Printmaking 2

Intermediate skill and conceptual relief and intaglio printmaking. Color intaglio, monoprinting and silk screen methods explored.

Drawing 2

Advanced skill in drawing forms and promoting a creative effort in handling all subjects.

Drawing 3

Conceptualization of advanced drawing ideas through various medias and formats.

Drawing 4

Exploration of advanced conceptual and technical issues in drawing. Emphasis upon drawing in a series and completion of transfer portfolio.

Figure Drawing

A realistic approach to drawing the human figure through direct observation; emphasis is placed on gesture, value, and composition.

Art in the Elementary School

The use of art to provide children with an altern- ative form of instruction.


Exposure to the concepts of sculpture by expanding the use of various media and by enriching visual thought to create expressive images.

Sculpture 2

Continued study of sculpture techniques with emphasis on design and individual student directions.

Sculpture 3

Continued study of sculpture techniques with emphasis on advanced designs, material history, and individual concepts and skills in three dimensional media.