International exhibition of contemporary prints to be on display at AWC San Luis Learning Center

International exhibition of contemporary prints to be on display at AWC San Luis Learning Center

August 2, 2018

San Luis, AZ (Aug 2, 2018) – Images created by 53 printmakers from five countries will be featured at the Arizona Western College San Luis Learning Center as part of the Horned Toad Print Exchange II.

The international traveling exhibition is free for the community to attend and will be on display from August 15 to September 14. People can stop by to view the artwork at the AWC San Luis Learning Center, 1340 N. 8th Avenue, San Luis, Ariz., Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. until 7 p.m. and on Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The Horned Toad Print Exchange II was open themed, giving printmakers across the globe an opportunity to submit an edition of 10 original prints using a variety of techniques including lithography, etching, serigraph, relief, and other approaches. The participants received 8 randomly selected prints from the exchange, and the remaining two prints are archived at The Horned Toad Prints studio and used for exhibition. Print exchanges, and their exhibitions, are the most accessible way to spark artistic dialog far and wide.

Organized by Manuel Guerra, an artist from El Paso, Texas, the exhibition features prints from Mexico, Canada, England, Australia, and the U.S. The portfolio has been previously shown in Oaxaca, Mexico; Monterrey, Mexico; and twice in El Paso. After being on display at the AWC San Luis Learning Center in San Luis, Arizona, there are also plans to show the exhibition at the Southwest Print Fiesta in Silver City, New Mexico.

This effort follows two exchanges from 2014 – the first Horned Toad Print Exchange and the YayBig Print Exchange from Tucson.  Both of these print exchanges were inspired by the previous "Dialogos y Interpretaciones" series of international print exchanges in 2012-2016, organized by Jules Floss, AWC Professor of Fine Arts, and Jorge E. Rodriguez Osorio, Professor of Art at the University of Caldas, in Manizales, Colombia.

Visit for more information about the exhibition as well as examples of what prints that will be featured. For additional questions, contact Jules Floss at or (928) 314-9434.


Jules Floss
Professor of Fine Arts
Arizona Western College
(928) 314-9434