Online Calendar Access

The college’s online calendar is the Communication and Marketing team’s main source of information for regular outreach, including weekly media interviews, the Western Weekly, the weekly campus email, and the monthly Toro Times newsletter. If your event is not on the calendar, you’re missing out. Below, please find the list of our trained Calendar Administrators who can help add your event to the online calendar. If you have any questions, please reach out to Mandy Heil, Director of Communications and Marketing.

Need a refresher on creating calendar events? Check out our Event Tutorial!

Name Position Titlesort descending
Newton, Lisa (928) 317-6063
Viloria, Monique (928) 317-6359
Mendoza, Rosa Academic Advisor (928) 317-7006
Guzman Ramirez, Maria Academic Advisor-South Yuma (928) 314-9454
Shepherd, Laura Academic Success Advisor (928) 344-7762
Cooper, Robin Administrative and Learning Support Assistant - La Paz Coun (928) 317-7503
Hummer, Cynthia Administrative Assistant to the Dean for Career and Technica (928) 344-7567
Carr, Guadalupe Administrative Secretary
Abraham, Regina Administrative Secretary (928) 344-7656
Galabiz, Natalia Administrative Secretary (928) 317-6107
Salas, Nathaly Administrative Secretary (928) 344-7757
Lopez, Celia Administrative Secretary - Arts, Humanities, Human Services (928) 344-7708
Trout, Jodi Administrative Secretary to Campus Life/Conduct Office (928) 344-7578
Macawile, Ashley Adminstrative Assistant of Advancement (928) 347-6250
Martinez, Biridiana Admissions, Recruitment & Outreach Coordinator (928) 344-7519
Heredia Romero, Omar Advising and Student Services Coordinator Syc (928) 314-9422
Fitts, Julissa Assessment and Program Review Specialist (928) 344-7651
Zambrano, Susanna Associate Dean for South Yuma County Services (928) 314-9426
Harral, Nicole Associate Dean of Enrollment Svcs. (928) 344-7600
Rather, Sabrina Center Support Specialist - La Paz County (928) 314-9562
Herrington, Ashley Chief of Staff (928) 344 - 7501
Buchtel, Arnold Cloud Services Architect (928) 317-7625
Anaya, Gladys Coordinator of Development and Alumni Relations (928) 317-7620
Keehn, Aybuke Coordinator of International Students Program (928) 347-6471
Skinner, Shara Coordinator of Student Leadership and Activities (928) 344-7581
Heil, Mandy Director of Communications and Marketing (928) 317-6084
Cordova, Martha Director of Transfer Services (928) 344-7601
Gutierrez, Ginnellie Enrollment and Recruitment Specialist
Origel, Stephaney Financia Aid Technician II
Gamez, Maira Financial Aid Disbursement Specialist (928) 344-7637
Rouff, Christine Health and Wellness Coordinator (928) 317-6067
Rodriguez, Sandra Human Resources Coordinator (generalist) (928) 317-6013
Hoag, Wendy Information Technology Librarian (928) 344-7718
Rosenblum, Effie Military Services Clerk (928) 317-7641
Willoughby, Victoria Nursing Support Specialist (928) 344-7708
Halarnkar, Sujata Outreach and Instruction Librarian (928) 344-7733
Doten, Maria Outreach Coordinator (928) 317 - 7107
Pratt, Joanna Outreach Coordinator Pt (928) 317-7107
Chang, Joann Professor of Biology/Director for Center for Instruct Exc. (928) 344-7665
Renaud, Elizabeth Professor of Child Development (928) 344-7560
Riek, Ellen Professor of English (928) 344-7549
Grimes, Deltrina Professor of Instrumental Music (928) 344-7574
Wilkinson, Ann Professor of Theatre (928) 344-7592
Luna, Delma Program Specialist (928) 317-6034
DeGrande, Laura Project Assistant (928) 317-6472
Wakamatzu, Martha Project Assistant, Instint2
Zavala, Cindy Residential Life Operations Specialist
Gorman, Alexis Senior Secretary
Fuentes, Lupe Senior Secretary (928) 317-6452
Salgado, Berenice Senior Secretary
Rodriguez, Marlen Senior Secretary (928) 317-7632
Oberosler, Kari Senior Secretary (928) 344-7524
Rivera Llanes, Mayra Senior Secretary - CAMP
Rios, Laura Senior Secretary - Career and Advisement Services (928) 344-7702
Van Why, Karyn Specialist, Career and Technical Education (928) 317-6339
Womer, Sarah Storyteller (928) 275-2773
Herman, Sarah Strategic Content/Social Media Specialist (928) 317-6483
Vargas Velez, Leticia Student
Drogt, Cody Student Activities Assistant
Gonzalez, Yesenia Student Leadership Assistant
Mitchell, Travis Television Producer (928) 317-6462
Martinez, Adriana Testing Center Assistant (928) 344-7507
Amezaga, Angela Transfer Services & Program Coordinator (928) 344-7630
Slack, Tim Unknown
Stofft, Lorraine Vice President of Advancement (928) 314-9595
Fimbres, Yessenia Workforce Assistant