AWC partners with Go X to bring innovative electric scooters to campus

AWC partners with Go X to bring innovative electric scooters to campus

January 17, 2019

Yuma, AZ (Jan 17, 2019)Go X, the first electric scooter sharing company for higher education, introduced 100 of its scooters at Arizona Western College Monday, as thousands of students are returning to the area for the start of the spring semester classes.

Students and faculty are able to rent Go X scooters by downloading a smartphone app. The scooters can be rented at a cost of $1 to initiate the ride and $0.15 per min or by purchasing a monthly membership for unlimited rides. The goal of the service is to provide additional transportation options to students and faculty.

The plan is the result of a partnership between AWC Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services Shahrooz Roohparvar and CEO of Go X, Alexander Debelov.

“Arizona Western College continues to support alternative mobility options to best serve the needs of our campus community, and to engage and retain our students,” said Roohparvar. “We want to provide options for fun and transportation that make people smile. Getting to class on time is a great bonus.”

“Go X is thrilled to bring its fleet of electric scooters to AWC as our first partner college in Arizona,” said Go X’s Debelov. “We believe that students will greatly benefit from fast, affordable, and convenient options of getting around campus while reducing the school’s carbon footprint.”

In order to fulfill its mission, Go X created proprietary vehicles and software for higher education. Its software provides AWC administration with real-time view of all rides on campus, usage reports and feedback about the service. Through its portal the administration is able to control speed limit in various parts of campus, restrict riding in others, and designate virtual parking spots.

“Up until today, over 12,000 students and faculty had limited transportation options and it was a burden to get around. Go X is solving this problem by introducing our 2-wheel and 3-wheel electric scooters as a new transportation option. Our ultimate goal is to reduce the use of cars, reduce carbon emissions and allow students to get around more conveniently,” said Debelov.

The 3-wheel electric scooter is the first of its kind in the world and was built from ground up to service students’ needs. The proprietary 3-wheel design provides more stability, allows students to carry their backpacks on the scooter and allows for a completely different riding experience.

Go X is dedicated to working with AWC administration closely in order to continually improve safety and standards around its service. Go X scooters deployed on campus will be available before morning classes, then will move around the day before being picked up at night, recharged and placed at their locations the next morning.

About Go X

Go X is the first electric scooter and bicycle sharing company for higher education based in San Francisco, CA. The company created software and hardware to address problems that universities face with on-campus transportation. Today, it offers a fleet of rentable vehicles such as: 2-wheel, 3-wheel scooters and pedal-less electric bikes to students across the nation. The company is set to roll out its service to more than 50 universities by the end of 2019. The company is venture backed by leading Silicon Valley investors, which have previously invested in: DoorDash, DropBox, AirBnb and other break-out companies.

For more information on Go X, visit their website here.

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Shahrooz Roohparvar
Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services
Arizona Western College  
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