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Looking to start a food-based business, or take your home-based operation to the next level? 

The Arizona Western Food Incubator is Ready to Help!

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Dream of owning your own food business?

We are dedicated to helping local entrepreneurs level up their food businesses.

Our business incubation boot camp gives food and beverage businesses a head start on the planning and logistics that go into running a successful and efficient operation.

If you are ready to launch your food business to the next level, this is the program for YOU!

4 Week Boot Camp

Our four week program meets twice a week for three hours at the AWC Culinary Arts Lab in LR 109 on the Yuma Campus. During that time, you’ll work with AWC Professor of Culinary Arts Robert Gedeon and Chef Robert Nidiffer, both of whom have extensive experience in all parts of the local foodservice scene, and learn the strategies to running a successful food business (besides the tasty food itself). You’ll also learn from Professor of Accounting Kris Duke, who will cover the basics of accounting, financials, and marketing for a small startup. Together, they’ll help you identify your strengths and fine-tune your plans for success!

What You'll Learn

  • Food Service Purchasing & Permitting

  • Financing & Marketing

  • Front & Back of House Relations

  • Food Service Logistics & Math

  • Day to Day Operations

  • Planning, Marketing, & Accounting

Ready to launch your business to the next level?

Need-based scholarship opportunities are available. Please contact us for details.

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