Welcome to the Classified Employee Association

Mission Statement

The Classified Employee Association (CEA) is to serve as a representative body which articulates Arizona Western College (AWC) Classified Employee interests, concerns, and recommendations to the AWC President and other administrators in respect to matters of policy, training, and educational opportunities. Other charges involve recommendations on working conditions and schedules; employment, promotion, and professional development; compensation and benefit plans.  CEA subsists as an open forum and welcomes all members to express ideas, issues, and interests that are of concern to the AWC Classified Employees of Yuma, La Paz and South Yuma County.

Purpose, Privileges

The purpose of the Arizona Western College Classified Employee Association is to serve as an advocate and liaison to the AWC President and other administrators for all classified employees individually and collectively while promoting awareness of workshops, trainings, and promoting professional development. A CEA representative represents the AWC CEA Community on AWC standing and ad-hoc committees and associations and disseminates the resultant information to classified employees of Yuma, La Paz and South Yuma County.

CEA Officers: Silvia Kempton (Chair), Victoria Wiloughby (Vice Chair), Adriana Martinez (Secretary), Renee Munoz (Treasurer), Alexis Gorman (Historian), Vanessa Lopez (Publicist), Ashley Macawile (DGB Liaison / Ex Officio)

2021-2022 Upcoming Meetings

All meetings below are scheduled in the following locations:

Via zoom or unless specified room.

Our Next Meeting: 11/2/2021

Meeting Calendar


All workshops are open to full-time and part-time classified staff. An outlook invite will be sent to all classified employees for each workshop. Workshops will be available via ITN to San Luis (SLLC CR), Parker (PLC 112), and the Downtown Center (DC 143). If you'd like to request an additional location/ request a workshop please email us at ClassifiedEmployeeAssociation@azwestern.edu.

Professional Development

We'll be participating in Professional Development Day February 11th 2021. Check back for more information on the workshops that will be offered, and after the event for postings of the materials that were presented.