Welcome to the Professional Administrative Association

Mission Statement

The Professional Administrative Association (PAA) is a representative body which presents a collective voice for professional administrative employees on district wide interests, concerns, and recommendations to the College Governance Council (CGC) and serves to further the awareness of and participation in college wide initiatives. 

Purpose, Privileges

The purpose of the Arizona Western College Professional Administrative Association (PAA) is to serve as an advocate and representative to the College Governance Council (CGC).  The PAA provides a transparent venue which welcomes district wide participation in the decision-making process by presenting recommendations to the president via the College Governance Council (CGC), while promoting awareness of diverse aspects affecting the varied professional administrative positions across the district.  In keeping with the principles of shared governance and accountability, ideas, concerns, and courses of improvement will be topics of discussion with solutions at the lowest appropriate level.  The PAA representatives to the CGC and other committees disseminate the resultant information to all professional administrative employees at the PAA meetings.  

PAA Officers: Julissa Vargas (Chair), Karen Davila (Vice Chair), Renee Munoz (Secretary), Karyn Van Why (Treasure), Angie Creel (CGC Rep), Stuart Gibson (DGB Rep ), Donna Lay (Ex Officio)

2023-2024 Upcoming Meetings

All meetings are scheduled via Zoom (link will be sent out via email) or unless specified room.


All workshops are open to Professional Administrative staff. An Outlook invite will be sent to all Professional Administrative employees for each workshop. Workshops will be available via ZOOM or In-Person. For questions, please email us at ProfessionalAdministrativeAssociation@azwestern.edu