Arizona Western College is seeking nominations for the AWC Hall of Fame Award.

The AWC Hall of Fame Award Criteria encourages a broad range of nominees who have made a significant contribution to the mission of the college or distinguished themselves in service to the larger world.   

Nominations will be accepted in four categories: Student (eligible after 3 years of separation from AWC), Faculty or Staff (eligible 3 years after separation or after 10 years of active service), Teams (academic or athletic teams who win a state or national championship), and Community Member (eligible after three years of distinguished support or service to AWC).

Contact Information
Who are you nominating?
Contact information for nominee or, if deceased, suggested representative of nominee
Basis for nomination, with consideration of criteria
In 500 words or less, please summarize the outstanding contributions and achievements of the nominee; their connection to Arizona Western College; their capacity to serve as an inspiration to our students, faculty and staff. (Add space as needed if submitting electronically. Attach page(s) if submitting hard copy nomination.)*
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