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The University of Arizona Admission Application Workshops are offered to support prospective students in successfully navigating the university's application process. This workshop provides step-by-step guidance on preparing for admissions or completing the admissions application.

Admissions and Additional Details

Walk-ins welcome or schedule an appointment by contacting the UAZ Yuma Academic Advisors  

In-person, Zoom, Phone, and email appointments are available.

Carmen Gallego  Phone: (928) 782-1990, Grant Coordinator and Academic Advisor
Joselyn Medina Phone: (928)783-3804  UAZ Yuma Academic Advisor

Text or email UAZ Academic Advisors directly to schedule an appointment.

Note: Specific advisors may be subject to change.

Location Details

1340 N 8th Avenue
San Luis, AZ 85349
(928) 314-9449

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Transfer Services Department



San Luis Learning Center



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  • Students