Campus community - We are lifting Shelter In Place.
 The 2nd suspect is not in custody but determined not to be a threat.
 We will stay with our instructional plan for today (Yuma in-campus classes cancelled or shifted to Zoom/online.)
Law Enforcement has notified us that remaining on campus is fine, but today has been a stressful day. If you need to leave to take care of yourself, your kids, or family today, please do so, but be in touch with your team. If you choose to continue to work from home, or in your offices, for the remainder of the day, please do so. There will be some employees, and essential teams, that continue to work on Yuma campus. 
This afternoon’s Town Hall has pivoted to 100% Zoom, and the topic is just a status update about today’s event. Join if you need clarity or have questions.
We anticipate Tuesday is Business as Usual.
If you leave, we are asking employees to calmly, and slowly exit to the north of campus (Highway 95.)
Thank you for your care for each other, our students, and our community.