Take Flight

Matthew Vargas
Associate in Arts

You’re working on your general education, but you have a unique goal in mind, can you tell us about it?

I’m starting with my general education and then will be working on getting a Professional Flight degree and Pilot's License. I want to be a commercial pilot and eventually own my own airline. I’m starting with my general education here, that way when I transfer, it will be a nice and smooth process.

And you’re fairly involved on campus, what all are you involved in?

I do a lot here on campus. Right now, I’m the VP of Records for Student Government and I’m also President of the Gay Straight Alliance club on campus and I’m currently running for SGA President. I work on campus as well as a Game Room Attendant and I help out a lot in Campus Life, so, you’ll see my face around here a lot.

Do you feel your roles in those leadership positions are helping you toward your goals? And how so?

I feel that working in these positions has helped me get closer to my goal. I’ve learned so much about leadership skills through these, I’ve done so many events, met so many great people here through these roles that I really feel that it’s helped me move toward my career goal.

What or who motivates you to keep working toward your goal?

There are so many great people here that really help me and make sure that I'm at my best, doing my best. I’ve had so many great professors, advisors, even my club advisors try their best to make sure that I’m on track. Not just in the educational sense, but, also in my personal life, that I’m on track and everything’s great so that I can succeed here.