Bethlehem Mengistu Tesso

You traveled all the way from Ethiopia to attend AWC. Initially, why did you choose AWC?

I chose AWC for many reasons, one of them being for financial reasons since it is low-cost. I also wanted something different, to move somewhere different, plus, my DSO is really nice, which made it easy to decide to come here.

I wanted something different, to move somewhere different. I have been welcomed at AWC.

Has AWC met your expectations? Do you feel welcome here?

Yes! I have been welcomed, of course, [the program staff] has been like my second family.

What is it like to experience a new culture? What are your likes and dislikes so far?

Experiencing a different culture is really hard. There aren’t as many rules or ethics here, I feel, but I’m enjoying it. The food is the biggest challenge for me. I do not like it, I miss my food! It’s hard to adapt to.

What are you studying and what plan do you have for the future once you obtain that degree?

I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. I plan to, and really wish to work for Cisco as a network engineer. It’s my dream. I have a passion for software engineering.

What is it about software engineering you like so much?

The math. It involves more math than English or humanity classes. Math is set in stone, which I like. I like numbers and coding! I love coding.

Who motivates you to keep working toward your goal?

My family. They are my biggest support system, my motivation, my everything. My parents.