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Creating a Basic Table


Table Icon

Before adding a table, you'll need to locate the icon on your editor. Table Icon

Clicking on the icon will bring up the  Table Properties .

Table Icon

Table Properties

The screenshots below are the default table properties. Most of the time, you won't want to change these properties.

Create Content
Create Content

Table Properties (Advanced)

At time you will need to change these properties, however. For example, you can add  Headers  to the first row. You can also apply special stylesheet classes on the advanced tab. Adding  files  to your stylesheet classes will cause the second column to be a fixed size. You'll only want to use the  files  class when you're using two columns.

Basic Page
Basic Page


If you want to link to a file in your table, select the text and then click the link (chain) icon. This will bring up the  Link  properties.

Create Title

Link Properties

Once the Link property window has opened, you can browse and select a file from your directory to link to.

Add Content to Body

Link Target

Click the Target tab. In most cases, you'll want to set this to New Window (_blank) . This will make your link open into a new tab or window.

Filtered and Full HTML

Link Advanced

Select the Advanced tab. You'll want to fill out the Advisory Title and add any Stylesheet Classes . The following classes will add an icon next to the link: pdf-links , word-links and excel-links .

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