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Office 365 FAQ's 

What is Office 365 Education and why is AWC moving to it? 

  • Office 365 is a Microsoft hosted messaging solution that delivers the capabilities of Microsoft Outlook as a cloud-based service. This means your email services and data will be in data centers owned and managed by Microsoft. 

  • It gives users a rich and familiar access to email, calendar and contacts allowing access by PC's, Mac, the web and mobile devices.

  • By utilizing this service, it removes Arizona Western College operational burden for an on-premises hosted email service. 

When is this going to happen? 

Faculty and Staff at AWC will be moved to the new Office 365 experience in five stages. 

What are the benefits to moving? 

  • While users will not experience a change from their current desktop Outlook e-mail look and feel, there are some improvements. 

  • Individual mailbox storage capacity will increase substantially to 100 GB. 

  • The campus will benefit from the broader, stronger anti-virus and spam protection provided by Microsoft Office 365. 

  • Support is expanded for additional browsers, i.e., Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Off-campus users who currently access OWA will now have an interface that appears nearly identical to the campus desktop version. 

  • Incoming messages identified as spam will be sent immediately to the user's Junk Mail folder where any legitimate messages can be retrieved at any time. 

  • Students, faculty and staff will all use the same URL to access Outlook Web Access OWA ( 

  • Secure access, security audits, service continuity, intrusion monitoring and high availability. 

What will happen during the move?  

Migration will take from two to three hours depending on user's mailbox size. 

Will my mobile device continue to work? 

Mobile devices will continue to work with Office 365 with only a few minor changes. 

Does Office 365 provide more than just email? When will I be able to access it?  

Office 365 also provides the following software Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Class Notebook, Forms, OneDrive, Excel, OneNote, Teams, Sway and many more that you can find inside the Office 365 Portal. 

How does this compare to the student experience? 

Faculty and Staff will have access to the same Office 365 resources. 

How will I access my Office 365 mailbox?  

If you are using Outlook 2011 for Mac, Outlook 2010, or Outlook 2013, you will be able to continue to use Outlook to connect to your mailbox after it has moved to Office 365. While Outlook 2007 is supported for use with Office 365, it is not recommended. 

How will I access the Outlook Web Access (OWA)? 

Microsoft Outlook Web Access is available for anyone with an active AWC User ID by logging onto the OWA portal at using your User ID in the format Domain\User name:   E.g. adroot\user name 

How will I access other Office 365 resources?

You can access all the Office 365 resources included inside the Office 365 Portal. 

I have archived email in a .PST file, what will happen to that? 

Your archived .PST file will be imported to the new Office 365. 

Where can I access training materials? 

You can access training materials at  

How can I download Office 365? 

Microsoft Office is available for anyone with an active AWC User ID by logging onto the Office 365 portal at using your User ID in the format  

What happens to my account if I leave the college? 

AWC users can download and use Microsoft Office through the Office 365 service if you are enrolled as a student at AWC or affiliated with AWC (Faculty & Staff) such that you have an active AWC User ID. 

What do I do if I need help? 

If you need help with Office 365 please call the AWC Help Desk at (928) 317-5892 or email at You can also look for Office 365 help online at


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