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The Interactive Television Network, ITN, provides interactive video learning services for the Arizona Western College District which serves Yuma and La Paz Counties. The main service provided by ITN is interactive television instruction for AWC campuses.  We also provide interactive classrooms for classes from to Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. Other services include, recording telecourses for playback on cable.  Video conferencing is another specialty services that ITN offers to AWC, the community and our educational partners throughout Arizona.​

ITN offers AWC students a wider selection of courses. With instructors at all AWC campuses, ITN facilitates a wider audience to those instructors allowing students at the various AWC campuses to enroll in a wider offering of courses. With ITN students can expand their knowledge through general education courses such as, Geology, Math & Philosophy. Students are also able to pursue careers through specialized courses in subjects like, Administration Justice, Education, and Psychology.


Zeke Torres, Director of Interactive Television Network
Office:  AC-121
Phone: (928) 317-6414​
Monday - Thursday, 7:00AM to 5:00PM

Melody Villaneda, ITN & TV Services Supervisor
Phone: (928) 314-9576
Phone (Parker): (928) 669-2214
Monday - Thursday, 7:00AM to 5:00PM