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Dashlane for Business

What is Dashlane for Business?

Dashlane is a password manager. It’s a secure place to store all of your online passwords and notes. It’s powerful software that auto-enters your passwords into most websites and can auto-fill your information on webforms. You can auto-generate complex passwords for each online account you have and only need to remember one master password. Your passwords can sync across all of your devices.

Please note, Dashlane is only available to employees at this time.

What happens to my passwords if I find another job?

Dashlane for Business will store all passwords that are associated with your Arizona Western College e-mail account into a dedicated AWC cubby. All of your personal passwords get placed in the Personal cubby. When you separate from AWC you can continue to log into with your master password to get access and manage all passwords in the Personal cubby.

I forgot my master password. What can I do?

Click on the Forgot your password? text below where you enter your password. A request will be sent to the Service Desk to unlock your Dashlane for Business account.

How do I request Dashlane for Business?

Please e-mail the Service Desk at

How do I get started with Dashlane?

Visit Dashlane's Official Dashlane Training site.