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Behavioral Wellness
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Arizona Western College is a Green dot Campus

Green Dot is any behavior, choice, word or attitude that promotes safety for anyone and communicates utter intolerance sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, child abuse, elder abuse and bullying.

What is a Green Dot?

  • A green dot is intervening in a high risk situation-
  • A green got is talking to your friends about how you feel about violence on campus.
  • A green dot is posting green dots on your Facebook page
  • A green dot s posting g green dots non campus.
  • A green dot is wearing your green dot Gear.
  • A green dot is putting a link on our Website to your local prevention program
  • A green dot is organizing training for your campus organization.

Green Dot is a Violence intervention and Prevention Program. It’s about addressing violence in two different ways:


  1. Identify behaviors that contribute to relationship and sexual violence and stopping them. (examples: sexist jokes, bragging about taking advantages of others, talking about someone in a derogatory way, etc.)
  2. Once identified Green Dot is about making a choice of contributing to the problem that promotes violence or choosing to intervene and stopping teh behavior.


  1. Provide support to anyone that has been directly or indirectly impacted by violence.
  2. Provide support and resources and anything a person who has had this experience might need to heal.
  3. Direct to the right resources to get help.


  • A student feels unsafe due to an assault that occurred in the residence halls and needs a place to stay… We can try to refer him/her to right resources
  • Straight “A” student suffers some kind of violence and is having a hard time concentrating or maybe they’ve been missing class due to counseling sessions or due to court or hospital visits.
  • Or it may be someone that has been through a violent situation that needs reporting but does not want to go to court because is uncertain on how the Police system works. We can provide support.
  • Or if a student is in need of being checked out of the hospital and does not want his or her parents to know, or May he /she does not want her insurance billed… We can try to refer them to the right resources.

Upcoming training and events



For questions about Green Dot contact:

Maribel Saenz

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