AWC works alongside university partners to present virtual transfer conference [1]

Yuma, AZ (March 1, 2021) – Arizona Western College is collaborating with state university partners to offer an inaugural Desert Southwest Virtual Transfer Conference from March 8-11.

The event will provide students from Arizona Western College and Imperial Valley College with enhanced support and information regarding the importance of completing a bachelor’s degree and the transfer process. Students will also have an opportunity to learn about career opportunities within their major and network with industry members from health, industrial trades, public safety, and STEM fields. Those in attendance will include Yuma Regional Medical Center, Yuma Proving Ground, TRAX, City of San Luis, Yuma Union High School District, and Gowan Company. Additionally, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona will each have a day during the week to highlight their programs and student resources.

“This conference will provide students with the tools to succeed in their educational endeavors,” said Martha Cordova, Director of Transfer Services at AWC.

Funding for the event is being provided through part of a $780,000 U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Conservation Collaboration Grant awarded to the University of Arizona - Yuma and its college partners. Grant partners include AWC, Imperial Valley College, and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, with the effort supported by Greater Yuma Economic Development, Yuma County Chamber of Commerce, and the Gadsden Elementary School District.  As an initiative of the grant, the conference is part of the ISEEME [3] Project, which supports improved systems thinking between students, industry, mentors, and community stakeholders working together to affect change and address the lack of a diverse pipeline of STEM-educated and skilled local talent.

Dr. Tanya Hodges, Regional Academic Programs Manager at University of Arizona - Yuma, shared that the goals of the conference are 1) to increase awareness relating to the importance and benefits of completing a bachelor’s degree individually and as a whole to the region, 2) to increase awareness relating to local bachelor’s degree university options and majors, 3) to increase awareness of regional career opportunities for those who complete a bachelor’s degree (growing a local skilled and educated workforce), and 4) to increase student self-efficacy to reduce students’ perceived barriers to believing they can and should complete a bachelor’s degree.

In addition to providing an opportunity for students to learn about transfer opportunities and network with industry, conference-goers will also have a chance to hear about positive change and transformation from nationally recognized speakers Shayla Rivera and Petra Krebbs. Rivera is an aerospace engineer and former rocket scientist with NASA turned corporate trainer, keynote speaker, TV and radio host, writer, facilitator, moderator, actor, comedian, and awareness expert. Krebbs is a speaker and leadership coach for Jon Gordan Company. She is passionate about engaging, equipping, and elevating others to be their best through keynotes, trainings, workshops, virtual seminars, and Gallup-Strengths coaching.

Students can visit [4] to register, view the conference schedule of events, and for more details about university-specific days. The first 100 students to register for this free event will receive a shirt and a conference-in-a-box that includes university SWAG.

Angela Amezaga
Transfer Services and Program Coordinator
Arizona Western College [5]
(928) 344-7630

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