AWC is Working to Become More Bike Friendly [1]

Yuma, AZ (May 15, 2017)-May is National Bike Month and Arizona Western College is working to become more bike friendly, so that they can help the city apply to be one of the Bike Friendly cities in America. 

AWC is in the planning stages of helping the campus become more bike friendly and will be working on the following items to help accomplish this goal:

-A campus map that details where bike lanes and/or bike marked roads are on campus.

-Adding safe places to ride on the Bike rack map.

-Cycling Club  

-Bike Sharing Program

-Signage on Campus and on streets that say – BIKES will take the lane… share the road….. Give them 3 feet.

-Banner at the entrance and other places letting students, staff and faculty know that AWC is a bike friendly campus.

-Co-op idea to help students who don’t have bikes or maintenance equipment.

-Educational workshops – helmets, road rules, fixing flats, purchasing bikes, etc.

-Grants to help fund infrastructure or programming efforts.

-Bike Safety programming at Family Night and Sustainability Fair

-Educate / Inform on how to put your bike on the bus

-Cycling classes


National Bike to Work week is May 15- 19th.  Cyclists should ride with traffic and obey traffic rules. Motorists please be aware of cyclists and give them 3 feet when passing.

Mary Kay Harton
Dean of Students
Arizona Western College
(928) 344-7580 [3]

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