AWC Informatics Program has reached an Important Milestone [1]

First Cohort of Students Enrolled for fall 2017

The required number of students needed to form the first cohort of the Informatics program at Arizona Western College have been enrolled for the fall 2017 semester. It is expected that as information is distributed, and students realize the benefits of completing an Informatics degree, enrollment numbers will continue to increase each year.

The Informatics AAS degree through AWC will lead to the completion of a 4-year BAS degree through the Instinct2 grant-sponsored partnership with University of Arizona, South. The Instinct2 Grant makes it possible for local students to earn their BAS degree without needing to leave the area. The new Informatics building on the San Luis Middle School site will contain the equipment and house the classes students need to complete the program. A degree in Informatics will qualify graduates to be viable candidates for local employment vacancies within various focus areas of technology.

For further information on enrolling in the Informatics program, Joselyn Medina, Advisor/Outreach Coordinator, can be reached at, or at (928) 317-7116.


Joselyn J. Medina
Advisor/Outreach Coordinator
Arizona Western College
(928) 317-7116

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