Agility Implementation Team

Strategic Objectives We are responsible for carrying out:
  • Establish an equitable model of shared governance that builds a culture of empowerment by minimizing hierarchy and broadening decision making. January 2019
  • Review processes, procedures and policies to improve efficiency and create sensible work flows to increase student, faculty, and staff satisfaction. July 2019
  • Design a cross-training model to support collaborative staffing resource flexibility. July 2019
  • Create and fund a professional development model to grow bench strength and assist with succession planning. January 2020

Agility Vision - Cultivate an agile culture and institutional model that strengthens the future of AWC and the region.

Agility Guidelines

  • Employees are empowered to participate in the identification of problems and solutions
  • Look at a defined standard of practice that leads to establishing parameters for assessment and accountability
  • Always have multiple constituents/stakeholders at the table
  • Recommended changes for problems are made after all the people connected or effected by the process collaborate to find a resolution
Name Title
Biri Martinez Admin. Assistant to the VP for Learning Services - Chair
Nik Byle Professor of Philosophy - Chair and Team 1 Chair
Delma Luna Program Specialist
Robin Cooper Center Assistant, La Paz
Elena Valenzuela Registration Clerk
Jane Peabody Coordinator of Physical and Wellness Education
David Burris Professor of Philosophy
Laura Shepherd Academic Success Advisor - Agility Team 2 Chair
Sharon Register Director of Risk Management & Special Projects
Leticia Martinez Director of Testing Services
Nicole Harral Director of Admissions/Registrar
Laura Alexandre-Sandigo Director of Diversity, Inclusion and AccessABILITY
Ila Peterson Professor of Mathematics
Julia Howe Student Support Coordinator (Instinct2 Grant)
Vanessa Lopez Administrative Secretary
Amber Armer Accounts Payable Specialist
Amelia Bowdell Professor of English as a Second Language

Why two teams?

Agility Teams 1 and 2 - in our first meetings we asked why people joined team Agility and discovered the passion and interest of each committee member. We divided the objectives into two teams based on this information. Each team met individually and then once a month the entire Agility team would come together to be updated on the work of each team. After the October 20, 2018 workshop, it became apparent that we needed to pull the team back together and have everyone work on Shared Governance. The team had to work on educating the campus that Agility is a culture not a committee and that shared governance affected everyone.