Arizona Western College
Growing Our Communities
Strategic Plan 2025

The page you’re reading is the result of 13 months’ worth of work to help Arizona Western College chart a course to 2025. To say I’m tremendously proud of the effort that has gone into this work would be an understatement.

I’m excited about what the next seven years hold – that’s the horizon we’ve set for this plan.

Here are some highlights from this year:

  • College faculty and staff sat side-by-side with our students to create a shared ideal for the Student Experience here at AWC;
  • Our elected District Governing Board worked on new Mission and Vision statements;
  • Community members joined with faculty, staff and students for the Horizon Symposium, which combined high-energy speakers with focus groups;
  • Employees worked for 6 weeks in Scan Teams researching important issues facing colleges, to help us focus on what is most critical to our students;
  • College employees came together to write new college values to guide our work.

With the focus of our amazing faculty and staff, the support of our community members, and the tenacity and energy of our students, I know Arizona Western College is well-positioned to transform lives, to bring prosperity and equity to the communities we serve and to the world beyond.

I thank you for your dedication to our students.

Dr. Daniel P. Corr,
President, Arizona Western College


More than 2,600 participants helped with the AWC Strategic Plan, including 200 students.

  • January 2017

    Strategic Plan Kickoff on campus
    Task Force launched

  • February 2017

    Campus Surveys launched

  • March 2017

    Data Update to Campus, Task Force
    Student Experience workshop
    Faculty & Staff focus groups
    Student focus groups

  • April 2017

    Horizon Symposium
    Community focus groups

  • August 2017

    District Governing Board Work Session
    Faculty & Staff workshop
    Scan Teams launched

  • September 2017

    Student Experience survey
    Values survey

  • October 2017

    District Governing Board Mission, Vision working session
    Scan Team Impact Statement presentation
    Scan to Plan workshop
    Values workshop

  • November 2017

    Draft Strategy presentation
    Values survey (secondary)
    Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Direction survey to Faculty & Staff
    Strategic Direction and Objectives workshop

  • December 2017

    Strategy Review and Community Feedback

  • January 2018

    Strategic Plan completed, community presentation


AGILITYWe welcome change, anticipate stakeholder needs, identify flexible, innovative solutions, adapt to meet constituent needs, and are process focused.

PASSIONWe dream big, propose creative solutions, exceed expectations, and foster an engaging and supportive environment.

TRANSPARENCYWe build trust through honesty and openness, include stakeholders in decision-making, and communicate thoughtfully and clearly.

UNITYWe collaborate to develop and achieve goals, find opportunities to create synergy and empowerment, and work holistically toward student success.

EMPOWERMENTWe are inspired to do our best work when governance and responsibility are shared equitably, individuals are encouraged to express diverse and innovative perspectives, and courage is esteemed over comfort.

RESPECTWe express the highest levels of professionalism and kindness, seek common ground with openness & inclusivity, challenge ideas with an empathetic mindset, and listen to and acknowledge others’ ideas with civility and courtesy.




Cultivate an agile culture and institutional model that strengthens the future of AWC and the region

  • Establish an equitable model of shared governance that builds a culture of empowerment by minimizing hierarchy and broadening decision making. January 2019
  • Review processes, procedures and policies to improve efficiency and create sensible work flows to increase student and faculty/staff satisfaction. July 2019
  • Design a cross-training model to support collaborative staffing resource flexibility. July 2019
  • Create and fund a professional development model to grow bench strength and assist with succession planning. January 2020


Improve student success by leveraging technology that personalizes the student experience and increases organizational effectiveness

  • Deliver upgraded technology that increases automation in Student Services. July 2022
  • Develop a stable, well-supported, technology-rich teaching and working environment dedicated to current and equitable technological resources. August 2022
  • Eliminate negative IT audit findings. December 2020
  • Develop a technology-literate workforce that embraces IT as a component to improve responsiveness, efficiency, pedagogy, and student learning. August 2021
  • Deliver upgraded technology that reflects best-practices in teaching and learning and supports an enriched student experience. August 2022


Eliminate cultural, financial, time and place barriers to education

  • Develop and implement a multiyear data-driven class schedule that aligns with program offerings and transfer/ workforce demands to increase enrollment by 5% at all campuses. June 2020
  • Offer open educational resources in 50% of all classes. July 2022
  • Allocate appropriate resources to meet the growing community and educational needs in South County and other district priorities as identified by the Facilities Master Plan. January 2025
  • Develop and deliver “wrap-around” services that accelerate student time to completion. January 2022
  • Research and adopt a Guided Pathways model that aligns with AWC student & community needs. November 2018
  • Develop partnership with high school district to design and deliver aligned developmental curriculum at the High School level to reduce barriers to college-level courses. June 2020


Grow and sustain academic programs that leverage our competencies, fuel economic growth and position graduates for prosperity

  • Create regional economic growth by collaborating with key business and industry partners to develop programs tailored to meet the existing employee deficit. January 2020
  • Develop and deploy three interdisciplinary programs that local industry needs using flexible delivery models. June 2020
  • Explore learning processes to obtain credits based on experience, skills, and prior learning. July 2019
  • Develop Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILOs) for all AWC students. October 2018
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The Students, Faculty, and Staff of Arizona Western College for your contributions to this plan through surveys, focus groups, workshops and research.

Strategic Planning Task Force:

Junior Castro
Marcela Castro
Robin Cooper
Eddi Devore
Silvia Kempton
Joshua Madden
Carlos Ramos
Sandra Rodriguez
Biri Martinez*

Lee Altman
Jennie Buoy
Peggy Locklear
Liza Martinez
Michael Miller
Steve Moore
Gary Neumeyer
Fred Croxen
Ellen Riek*

Maria Guzman
Peggy Hayes
Wendy Hoag
Sam Hovan
Travis Mitchell
Vanessa Natseway
Susan Dempsey
Jennifer Tagaban
Lori Stofft*

Scan Teams:

Alison McLallen
Eddi Devore
Lee Altman
Jim Hutchinson
Marcela Castro
Maria Aguirre

Kathy Ocampo
Susanna Zambrano
Jennie Buoy
Liza Martinez
Sam Hovan
Lorayne Chandler

Carlos Ramos
Ana English
haron Register
Maria Guzman
Vanessa Natseway
Nicole Harral

Josh Madden
Joann Chang
Steve Eckert
Reetika Dhawan

Robin Cooper
Gary Neumeyer
Joe McLain
Julia Howe
Susan Dempsey-Spurgeon
Junior Castro

Diana Doucette
Fred Croxen
Silvia Kempton
Mary Kay Harton
Shahrooz Roohparvar
Mary Schaal

Strategic Planning Consultant: CampusWorks, INC, Liz Murphy, CEO

Deep appreciation to the citizens, parents, students, community leaders, business people, elected and tribal officials, non-profit leaders, K-12, college and university partners of Yuma and La Paz counties.


Congratulations to the 12 projects awarded funding during the inaugural Strategic Planning Innovation Fund selection process!

For more details about the process or to see project descriptions, view the PowerPoint.