The Social Science Division provides dynamic educational opportunities to a diverse population, emphasizing knowledge, skills, and personal enrichment and empowering students to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Academic Programs Offered

Associate in Arts (AA) Degree in History – prepares students for transfer to a university to pursue history as a teaching or research career or as an adjunct discipline to other majors.

Associate in Arts (AA) Degree in Philosophy – prepares students for transfer to a university by providing a basic knowledge and analytical skill in philosophy. The study of philosophy aims to cultivate wisdom and understanding regarding the most basic and foundational elements of human experience, pursued through the application of rational argument and critical thinking. This degree provides a strong foundation for students planning to pursue university studies in philosophy, law, education, communications, science, and art, among others.

Associate of Arts Degree in Political Science – prepares students for transfer to a university and provides a basic knowledge of governments, politics, and social ideologies. This degree is not only intended for students wishing to become political scientists, but is also excellent preparation for pre-law.

Courses are also offered in the subjects of: Anthropology (ANT), Geography (GPH), Nutrition (NTR), Orientation (ORI), and Religious Studies (REL).

Social Sciences Division Staff

Monica Ketchum
Division Chair, Social Sciences
Trini Carr
Administrative Secretary
Office: BA 222

Social Sciences Division Faculty

Aryca Arizaga-Marron
Professor of Family Studies
Monica Ketchum
Professor of History
David Burris
Professor of Philosophy
Joseph Vielbig
Professor of Sociology
Brooke Ayars
Professor of Sociology
Dubia Zaragoza
Professor of Family Studies
Kenneth Dale
Professor of History
Adam Ekins
Professor of Political Science
Nicolas Byle
Professor of Philosophy