Applicants to Arizona Western College must complete the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER placement test or the English as a Second Language (ESL) test before registering for classes.

What is the Placement Test?

The Next-Generation ACCUPLACER placement test is an adaptive, multiple-choice, computer-based test. It is not a pass or fail test; rather, the scores are used to place students in the appropriate Math or English course. The test is not timed, instructions are easy to understand and a test administrator is always available should you have any questions. The Placement test is made up of the following; Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and Advanced Algebra and Functions (AAF). For more information about the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER test visit

During test:

  • Be prepared and well rested
  • Read the questions carefully
  • Use scratch paper to experiment with answers
  • Take your time

What is the cost for the placement test?

The first placement test is provided at no cost to the student. Students who are not satisfied with their test results may re-test again after a 24-hour waiting period.  There is a re-test fee of $20.00.

Students who are still not satisfied with the re-test scores may after a 90-day waiting period, take the placement test again.  There is no charge for the third examination.

How are scores computed?

Once the placement test is completed, students receive a printed report with the scores and course placement. Students then visit an academic advisor who will help them interpret the scores and select their courses.

Can I fail this test?

The Next-Generation ACCUPLACER placement test is not designed to establish a passing or failing score.  This test assesses the student's proficiency skill in the areas of English and Math.  Results are primarily used for placing students in the appropriate courses.  Test data may be also used for research purposes with special precaution taken to ensure student privacy and maintain confidential student identity.

What is the English as a Second Language (ESL) placement test?

The ESL placement test is for non-native speakers with limited English language skills that may need to be placed into the appropriate ESL course.

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