American Indian Studies

A.A. - Transfer Degree

***Arizona Western College is no longer accepting new students to this program.***
American Indian Studies provides an educational experience that will develop an appreciation, understanding, and protection of Native American cultures and their histories. It introduces students to the diversity and uniqueness of Native American cultures, their sovereignty as independent nations, and the challenges they face in our contemporary society.

Program Purpose

Provides an opportunity for Arizona Western College to support the local Native American heritage and to acquaint both the Native Americans and the Non-Native American community with Pan-Indian experience.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze native Americans from an ethnohistorical approach.
  • Explain the diversity and complexity of native North American cultures and review a variety of cultural adaptations utitilized by Native Americans.
  • Identify the historical influences and adaptations of Native Americans to the arrival of Europeans.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of historical periods in Native American colonial interactions and Native Americans as active participants in American history.
  • Analyze the impact of ethnocentrism, imperialism, colonialism, racism and gender inequality of indigenous communities.
  • Explain contemporary issues facing Native americans and understand cultural differences among Tribes and other cultures.