Public Safety-Level 1

CERT - Occupational Certificate

***Arizona Western College is no longer accepting new students to this program.***
The public safety construct has become a large, complex, and dynamic enterprise consisting of multiple processions, skill sets, and expertise. The certificate in public safety will assist the individual in understanding the constant innovation and the unrelenting evolution of public safety. The certificate will assist the individual in their professional endeavors in their chosen field.

Program Purpose

Implementing a new certificate and degree to meet the needs of local public safety agencies. This program will encourage local public safety personnel to further their education in their profession which will assist them in pursuing promotional opportunities with their agency.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define ethics, integrity, professionalism and public trust, standards of individual and institutional ethics, ethics of law, standards of morality, and ethics and society.
  • Identify major components of a communications model and how it can be used to improve communications within a police organization.
  • Define leadership and the five key elements of leadership in policing.
  • Describe situational leadership as it applies to law enforcement and public safety and how it can be used for leading teams in various development stages.
  • Define and explain community policing as a tactical concept.
  • Identify mechanisms to control police misconduct.
  • Demonstrate the techniques for developing complete, descriptive, and accurate narratives for the report.
  • Define basic tenets of law enforcement and correctional systems.

Program Map

Recommended Program Map / Program Requirements

The recommended plan below meets the requirements to complete this program.  For official requirements, visit the AWC Catalog. If the recommended classes listed below don’t fit your schedule or interests, you can take alternate classes. 

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One Term

Course Course Title Credits Area
AJS 123 Ethics in Criminal Justice 3 Major Requirement
AJS 160 Leadership in Public Safety 3 Major Requirement
AJS 205 or HLS 205 Report Writing 3 Major Requirement
AJS 270 Community Policing 3 Major Requirement
AJS Select AJS 191, 220, or another AJS course not required 3 Deaprtmental Requirement
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