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The teams at Arizona Western College are dedicated to providing a healthy and safe environment.
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Page updated on 06/01

Stay tuned to this page for regular updates as the response to COVID-19 evolves rapidly.


The health of the Matador community is the top priority. This situation has raised many questions; we have tried to answer many of them here. If you have an issue that is not addressed below, please email

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Fall Instruction Plan  

I’m signed up for classes on the Yuma (San Luis, Parker) campus. Will I come to campus? 

That depends on your faculty. Most on-campus classes will shift to Blended Real-Time classes, in which you’d attend physical classes on a rotating basis to keep groups small, and you’d attend virtually (using Zoom) during the remaining classes. Your faculty will let you know when it’s your turn to come to campus. 

What if I don’t want to come to campus because I have health risks, or I’m taking care of someone with health risks. 

As a student in a Blended Real-Time class, you can opt to always attend remotely. If your class or program requires in-person labs or class time (i.e. welding or nursing), you may not be able to complete that class this semester.  

I’m signed up for classes on campus, but my faculty just contacted students that we’re not going to meet in person at all. Is this permitted?

Yes, it is. Part of the Fall Instruction plan makes it possible for faculty to coordinate with their departments to determine which classes will be Blended Real-Time and which will be Remote Real-Time, while still offering a robust instructional mix to safely serve students. With real-time instruction, you will meet with your faculty and classmates at the scheduled time, either in person or remotely using your lap top or device and a platform like Zoom.  

Will tuition be different if I’m only allowed to come to my classes on campus for part of the time? 

No, it will not. Assuming there will be no disruption to completing the semester, tuition will remain as posted.  The college will still be delivering real-time instruction for all students enrolled in on-campus classes; at certain times, that instruction will be via technology. 

What if the class I register for is too hard, or too easy? 

We’ve extended the Fall Drop/Add period (the period of time when a student can get out of a class or join a different class) to the first 2 weeks of the 16-week semester. Use your Student Planning portal to drop or add a class, or ask for help from our AWC Advising team.  

What if I’m nervous about being successful in a class that meets frequently or all of the time online? 

The college has a wide-range of support for students, including: 

  • free tutoring through the Student Success Center (all tutoring online at this time) 
  • Embedded tutors in many of our college-level English and Math classes this semester – as your faculty if your class offers this 
  • Reference, articles and research through our Academic Library (all library services online at this time) 
  • Health and Wellness resources including a student counseling professional  

The majority of my classes are called Online / Web-based. What’s new about that format? 

Nothing. These classes are not altered by the Fall 2020 Instruction plan. 

I’m planning to live on campus. How does this plan impact me?

We will house students at 50% capacity this fall to keep students safe. That means all rooms will become single occupancy, and each room will share a bathroom with one other student. Please apply early as we have limited capacity.  


Where can I get COVID-19 updates about AWC?

For the most up-to-date information on Arizona Western College response to the COVID-19, please visit azwestern.ed/covid

Who is the best source for local, national and international coronavirus updates?

For broader information regarding the coronavirus, there are several good sources; we recommend reviewing updates and recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization and, locally, the Arizona Department of Health Services. The Yuma County Health District also maintains a good web page.

Will there be on-campus security?

Arizona Western College Police Department is operational 24/7/365 and will continue to provide public safety services to the AWC community. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911. Non-emergencies, call 928-314-9500. For more information visit Campus Police.

What are the latest travel guidelines?

Following CDC guidelines, for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester, the college is canceling all non-essential travel out-of-state, and all student field trips to campus, and field trips off of campus. In-state travel is currently not impacted, but employees are cautioned that all gatherings of 10 or more are no longer recommended.​​​


How do I access my classes online?

Students will hear directly from faculty about how each class will be handled online. Some faculty will share content over class Blackboard platform, some will create Zoom classes, and some may use Interactive Television Network (ITN) facilities. If you have any problems understanding how to use the technology, please contact our AWC Service Desk.

If all classes are moving online, what do I do if I don’t have a computer or internet access?

Following guidelines from the CDC and our sister institutions, we are closing our computer labs and our physical tutoring and library spaces for the remainder of the semester. There are currently offers from Comcast, Spectrum, and Charter Communications to provide at least 60 days of free internet to homes with students that don’t currently have internet. If students have other hardware or software needs, please contact our AWC Service Desk via email or phone at (928) 317-5892

Will attendance requirements be the same online?

As with all courses, the faculty will establish attendance requirements for each course, and the students are expected to communicate with the instructor regarding any absences. Faculty will communicate with students regarding any changes in their attendance practices.

How will in-person activities such as performances, recitals, and studios be handled?

If your class is taught in a lab, studio or performance space, your professor will let you know what the current plans are. Some of these classes will still meet in person the week of March 23-26 as faculty prepare for all-online instruction to begin April 6, after students return from Spring Break (March 30 – April 3).

I have a student job on campus. Will that continue?

It is likely that many student jobs will not continue as our campuses transition to all-remote work. Your supervisor will be in touch with you to make specific plans.

What about the YCAT access to campus?

YCAT has suspended its Silver Route which transports students directly to AWC from San Luis. All other routes will remain in service at this time.

What do students in the Residence Halls do? Do I stay here? Are there circumstances where I’ll be required to move? What about food service?

All students have been asked to make other living arrangements if they have a viable alternative. Our Residence Life team is committed to maintaining service for those few students who cannot travel home due to travel bans or threats in their home countries. Sodexo will maintain a very simple Grab & Go service for the few students who remain on campus for as long as that service is needed.

What’s the status of the Academic Library, Tutoring, Computer Labs and Bookstore?

All services are transitioning to remote support. That means that you can reach out to our Academic Library or Tutoring to schedule the help you need to succeed in your classes.

  • Student Success Center tutors are available Monday-Thursday 9 am - 6 pm and Friday 9 am - 1 pm. You can request a live online tutor or assistance through email at, select “tutoring.” You can reach the Student Success Center by phone at 928-317-6029, by chat, or by email at or
  • The Academic Library is limiting access to the library facilities, but are still available to provide services. All online resources (databases, e-books, online magazines) are available at Chat reference services are also available through the library website, and chat reference services are available at 928-237-3650. You can reach the Library by phone at 928-344-7777 or by email at
  • Career and Advisement Services staff is available by email or Zoom chat at Staff is also preparing for virtual advising services through Self-Service. More information to come.

Will there be any kind of refund for this semester?

Provided we continue with courses and see limited disruptions to the living and learning environment, we will not issue refunds for the semester.

What about my classes at UA-Yuma, ASU@Yuma or NAU-Yuma?

We are in constant contact with all of our partner institutions, but if you are a student with one of these universities, your best source of information is your faculty. Our latest information indicates that all three state universities are also transitioning to all-online instruction, with very limited exceptions. Please see our partner pages for more information here: University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University.


Are all campus events canceled?

Following CDC guidelines, most of the planned non-essential events at our campus locations will be canceled for the next 8 weeks. We’ll do our best on the page and on the online calendar to keep things up to date.

What is the status of AWC Matador Spring sports schedule?

The NJCAA announced the cancellation of all spring sports, as well as winter championships. This includes games, practices and other team gatherings.

For the full NJCAA press release, visit here.

Faculty and Staff 

I’m supposed to present at a conference. Should I cancel all travel?

All college travel out-of-state is canceled for the rest of the semester. Please work with the travel office to make sure your travel cancellation is completed.

All in-state and in-district non-essential travel is highly discouraged and will be at the discretion of your area’s cabinet member.

What if I have a sick family member or child care disruptions?

Please work with your supervisor to cover your job function and to plan. Please use your sick time and your vacation time, and please be in touch with Human Resources if you have a hardship or exhaust your available time.

Whom do I contact for HR-related questions?

If you have general Human Resources questions, please send them to

You can also reach out to Karen Johnson, Chief Human Resources Officer, or Patricia Jimenez, Benefits Manager regarding time off or benefits.