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This form may be used by AWC Students and AWC/NAU/UA Employees to book a room or space at all college locations with the exception of the 3C Conference Center, Frances Morris Boardroom, adjoining meeting room, or courtyard. To reserve one of the aforementioned locations, visit our Conference and Events page for more information. Check availability

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    Theater Classroom Boardroom
Meeting Rooms Sq. Ft Theater Setup Classroom Setup Boardroom Setup
Schoening Conf. Center 9973ft2 800ppl 500ppl --
Conference Center - NW 6533ft2 475ppl 350ppl --
Conference Center - SW 3406ft2 250ppl 150ppl --
Frances Morris Boardroom 1140ft2 70ppl 34ppl 28ppl
Meeting Room 562ft2 36ppl 20ppl 16ppl

More Setups

    Banquet Square U-Shape
Meeting Rooms Sq. Ft Banquet Style Square Setup U-Shaped Setup
Schoening Conf. Center 9973ft2 650ppl -- 285ppl
Conference Center - NW 6533ft2 400ppl 220ppl 180ppl
Conference Center - SW 3406ft2 200ppl 115ppl 100ppl
Frances Morris Boardroom 1140ft2 60ppl 30ppl 26ppl
Meeting Room 562ft2 40ppl 16ppl 12ppl
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