Need a special presentation to highlight a meeting or class?

The Speakers' Bureau is made up of a group of experts from the AWC campus. The speakers can custom tailor their talks to fit your program needs; the list of topics on this website is only a sample. Feel free to contact the experts directly, or contact the Speakers' Bureau at (928) 314-9594 for more information.

Dr. Daniel Corr, President Arizona Western College
Topics: Higher Education in Arizona, Community College History, AWC history, Workforce Education
(928) 344-7501

Angie Creel, Director of Library Services
Topics: Libraries are for everyone. With over 15 years experience in library work, Ms. Creel-Erb would like to connect the community with the resources available to them.
(928) 344-7776

Amelia Bowdell, Professor of English as a Second Language
Topics: English as a Second Language (ESL), American Sign Language (ASL), ASL Interpreting
(928) 314-9444

Cookie Little, Professor of Nursing
Topics: Health, Wellness, Heart Health, Nursing, Health Professions
(928) 317-6038

Dave Sisson, Professor of Electric Wiring
Topics: Electrical Construction Trades, Construction Trades Program
(928) 317-7623

David Burris, Professor of Philosophy & Religious Studies
Topics: Ethics, Political Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Theory of Knowledge, Philosophy of Religion
(928) 344-7714

Donna Taylor, Professor of Reading
Topics: Study Strategies, Reading ti Understand College Academica, Working with Diverse Students
(928) 317-7606

Earl Smith, Professor of English as a Second Language
Topics: English as a Second Language (ESL) Curriculum and Teaching Topics, Developmental Composition
(928) 344-7523

Elizabeth Renaud, Professor of Early Childhood Education
Topics: Native Hawaiian Dance, Early Childhood
(928) 344-7560

Fabina Bowles, Professor of Nursing
Topics: Maternity, Mother & Baby Wellness, Health Promotion and Wellness, Nursing, Helath Professions
(928) 344-7667

Fred Croxen, Professor of Geology
Topics: Geology, Paleontology, Ground Water
(928) 344-7586

Jennifer Hewerdine, Professor of English
Topics: Communication in the Digital Age, Cultivating an Online Identity, Writer's Block, Clarity in Communicating
(928) 314-9460

Steve Eckert, Director of Facilities Management
Topics: Solar Production or Electricity
(928) 314-9475

Dawn Whinnery, Military & Veterans Services Specialist
Topics: Stress Management
(928) 344-7625

Sheranne Dampier, Professor of Culinary Arts
(928) 344-7737

Earl Smith, Professor of English as a Second Language
Topics: ESL Curriculum and Teaching Topics
(928) 244-7523\

Daniel Russow, Professor of Mathematics
Topics: Maya Mathematics, Maya Calendars, Maya Astronomy, Ethnomathectics
(928) 344-7784

Shahrooz Roohparvar, MBA, VP Finance & Administrative Services
Topic: Higher Education Finance, Budget, and Administration
(928) 344-7521

Dawn Whinnery, M. Ed., Professor of Family Studies and Psychology
Topics: Stress Management, Compassion & sSelf-compassion Research & Application, and human sexuality

Kyle Hawkey, Professor of Family Studies
Topics:  Suicide Prevention

Officer Greg Fell, AWC Police Department
Topics: Active Shooters, Law Enforcement as a Career and DUI, DUI Goggles, Field Sobriety Tests
(928) 314-9500

Christine Rouff, Heath & Wellness Coordinator
Topics: StepUp-Bystander Intervention Training and Safe Zone Training
(928) 317-6067


Julia Howe, Student Support Coordinator Title V PACTO Grant
Topics:  AVID in Higher Education, Digital citizenship, Educational technology in the classroom
(928) 317-6371

Kenneth Dale, Head Soccer Coach and Professor of History
Topics: College Athletics
(928) 317-7600

Laura Alexandre-Sandigo, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and AccessABILITY
Topics: Diversity, Inclusion and Access
(928) 344-7629

Linda Elliot-Nelson, Vice President for Learning Services
Topics: Language Acquisition, Learning for Adults, Accreditation
(928) 344-7516

Mandy Heil, Admissions, Recruitment, & Outreach Coordinator
Topics: Arizona Western College, Coming to College, Preparing your student for college
(928) 317-6084

Maria Aguirre, Associate Dean of Downtown Center
Topics:Workforce Development, Leadership, Supervision and Effective Communication
(928) 344 – 7769

Nicolas Hanhan, Distance Education Instructional Coordinator
Topics: Distance Education, Instructional Technology, Blackboard Learning System, Arabic language and culture

Melissa Behunin, Professor of Family Studies and Psychology
Topics: Marriage and Family
(928) 344-7556

Nancy Blitz, ESL Professor
Topics: "A Whirlwind Tour of Mexico's Education, History and Culture", Second Language Acquisition
(928) 314-7677

Patricia Powers, Professor of Education
Topics: Education, Special Education
(928) 317-6051

Scott Donnelly, Professor of Chemistry
Topics: Future Energy Challenges
(928) 344-7590

Victoria Holas, Director of Radiology Technology Program
Topics: Radiologic Technology, Caribbean Life, Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
(928) 314-9574

Shelly Sizemore, Radiologic Technology Clinical Coordinator
Radiologic Technology
(928) 336-7951

Dr. Mary Schaal, Ed.D., Dean, Institutional Effectiveness, Research & Grants
Topics: Area Demographics, Study or Study Results, Evaluation, Grants, Instituational Effectiveness, Interpreting Data
(928) 344-7772

Samuel Chukwuemeka, Professor of Mathematics
Topics: Mathematics Education, Statistics, Desktop Applications, Web Applications
(928) 314-9453

Howard Blitz, Professor of Political Science
Topics: economics and government/Constitution

Amelia Bowdell, Professor of English as a Second Language
Topics: Second Language Acqusition, English as a Second Language, American Sign Language (ASL)

Joe McLain, Chief Information Officer
Topics:Technology, Cyber security and cyber awareness, Jobs in IT
(928) 344-7588

Jan Jacobson, M. Ed. Information Analyst II-Application Services
Topics:  WebIntelligence
(928) 317-7612

Victoria Martinez Bellow, Professor of Science
Engineering and Hispanic Women in STEM fields

Gabriela Herwig, Coordinator Veteran's Services
Topics: VA Educational Issues and Community Services for Veterans
(928) 344-7683

Micheal Miller, Ph. D., Professor of English
Topics: Film History and Culture Studies, Writing Fiction & Nonfiction
(928) 344-7795