Get Started with Our Workflow Guidelines

  • Initial contact—Client accesses College Publications’ website, either through the Public Relations and Marketing gateway, or direct address. Client fills out online email form and submits information. A job number is assigned and the job is logged into the College Publications Project List for tracking purposes.
  • First response—Creative Director reads email work requests and assigns job to a designer. The designer will call the client and makes set up an appointment (this usually happens within 72 hours).
  • Next response—Designer meets with client and fills out a creative brief form. The designer assesses the job, and, if appropriate, produces a publication schedule for client approval. A due date is agreed upon. Job is then placed in the "incubator" until all information for the job has been received. Jobs are tracked at a weekly production meeting.
  • Request for quotation—Designer generates job specs and a request for quotation for on campus and/or off campus printing. The Creative Director tracks estimates, determines low bidder and awards job. Designer conveys this information to the client for the purposes of generating a print request (for on campus jobs) or purchase order (for off campus jobs) and produces first job proof.
  • 1st proof—Client picks up proof, reviews job for accuracy of information, corrects and returns proof according to the production schedule.
  • 2nd–final proof(s)—Designer makes requested changes and produces second or final proof. The proofing cycle repeats until the job is approved.
  • Final file preparation—Designer performs final file preparation and sends job to vendor.
  • Job is received—Job is received FOB AWC loading dock. Designer and/or Creative Director accepts or rejects job.
  • Job is delivered—Job is sent to the client for distribution.
  • Job is archived­—All electronic and paper files are archived and backups are made of the archives.

Contact Info

Phone: (928) 314-9596
Fax: (928) 317-6132
Location: TE-114
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:00pm