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Below you'll find the services that we provide. If you have any questions, then please contact us

Bindery Services

We have many methods of binding:

Tape binding, folding, padding, laminating, hole punching. We now offer Plastic spiral coil binding for a cleaner more professional presentation.

  • Tape Binding; uses a black spine for books
  • Spiral Coil; uses a black plastic coil for books
  • Folding; standard 3-fold, half-fold, z-fold and other folds are possible
  • Booklet Binding; uses sheets, half folded and stitched or stapled twice in center of book.
  • Folding; standard 3-fold, half-fold, z-fold and other folds are possible
  • Padding; uses padding glue to make pads printed with your design and information as needed in any size or number of sheets per pad.
  • Perfect binding;  we now offer limited magazine style binding using your wrap-around cover. Please call for consultation.

Copier Services

We have Three high-speed copiers for your convenience. They are Self-Serve with our staff maintaining paper level, tonor, clearing jams and provide instruction. They have an array of capabilities which includes stapling, 3-hole punching, booklet-making and others which our knowledgeable staff will guide you through. Please allow about 3 working days if you want to drop off your jobs to be done by our staff.

For your convenience we have installed a computer in front of our counter for you to read and print from flash drives, diskettes, cds and zip cartridges. You can log in to your account and access your files if saved to an external server or from e-mail. Print directly to our copier next to it or another copier.

One little known feature is the capability to scan hardcopy to PDF. Convert your old out of date but valuable books to digital PDF format and save shelf space. We can burn to CD or copy to other digital media.

Color Copying

We have recently installed a Ricoh Pro Color copier in addition to our HP 5500 ColorLaserjet printer. While not Self-Serve our staff is ready to help you with your quick, short-run color copying needs. Small, quick jobs can often be done while you wait. We charge 25 cents per color page and includes a bright white paper. Many other types of paper are available.

For quantities of several hundred or more we reccomend our Offset Press process as costs are less the more you print with this method.

Offset Printing

 We have three offset printing machines each capable of printing two colors at one time. This means they can print a full range of color in two passes. These machines are hi-volume and high quality prints that are very cost effective. The more you print the less the unit cost is per sheet. The cost difference compared to color-copying several hundred copies or more is very high. Jobs on this machine must be planned ahead as the press schedule may require a lead time of one to two week during especially busy time like the beginning of the school year.

Types of Print jobs that are best for the Offset process:

  • Jobs needing a higher quality image like department brochures
  • jobs needing several hundred prints or more
  • 2-6 part carbonless forms
  • Jobs on specialty paper that copiers can't handle
  • Envelopes and stationary

Wide Format Printing

Our Designjet 5500 wide format printer print up to 42 inches wide and up to 100 feet. Some of the things we make are; outdoor banners, light use indoor/outdoor signs, banners, displays. Posters, schedules, oversize photos, event notices and many more. We can Laminate your print for durability, mount on foamcore for displays and even add grommets.

The types of material in stock are: 

  • HeavyWeight Paper - indoor, single or light use
  • Photo Gloss - indoor, photo quality, best detail and colors
  • Light Vinyl - light outdoor use, durable, grommet capable
  • Heavy Vinyl Scrim - heavy outdoor use, grommet capable
  • Light Adhesive Vinyl - same as light vinyl with adhesive backing
  • Light Fabric - where a light cloth-like material is desired
  • Grommets - to reinforce holes for hanging
  • Sucker Hooks - to mount on smooth surfaces
  • Others available as required

Supplies Offered

The following are supplies we stock

  • AWC letterhead stationary and envelopes
  • AWC note pads
  • AWC name labels/tags
  • AWC thank you cards
  • Certificate paper
  • Brochure shells
  • Misc blank envelopes
  • Small amounts of color paper. (For ordering cases or more call us)
  • Free scratch pads

Print Services has many different services and supplies. Fill out one of our forms to get started.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us.

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Fax: (928) 314-9588
Location: TE-114
  • Monday - Thursday: 7:00am - 5:00pm