Title Body
Topics in Wellness
Workshops for individual exploration in wellness. Designed for the enrichment needs of the student who is not seeking transferable credit. CR/NC
Humor and Play
Physiological, psychological, emotional, and intellectual effects of humor and play; suggestions for planning periods of play and incorporating it into one's life.
Concepts of Wellness
The mind, body, spirit connection will be explored based on a multidimensional model of wellness.
Meditation and Wellness
Introduction to meditation methods and their relationship to wellness.
Stress Management
Causes and effects of stress and potential solutions to stress-related problems.
Math Applications for Welders
Math concepts for basic welding construction and fabrication including addition, subtraction, division, fractions, decimals, geometry and some trigonometric functions for calculating angles for layout and fabrication of structural steel plate and pipe connections.
Welding Sculpture Work
Fundamental theory and practice associated with oxy fuel welding, shielded metal arc welding, and gas metal arc welding processes used to fabricate a welded sculpture.
Blacksmithing and Ornamental Iron Work
Basic concepts of ornamental iron fabrication and related blacksmithing techniques used to shape metal. Course will include history of ornamental ironwork through lab activities, internet, and traditional sources of information. Students will be able to choose from a number of projects and forge them to completion.
Techniques in Flux Core Arc Welding
Skills and techniques necessary for industrial practice of Flux Core Arc Welding.
Techniques in Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting
Industrial practices of oxyacetylene welding, brazing, soldering, surfacing, and cutting.
Techniques in Shielded Metal Arc Welding
Industrial practices of the shielded metal arc welding process.
Techniques in Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
Industrial practices of gas tungsten arc (TIG-Heliarc) welding.
Techniques in Gas Metal Arc Welding
Industrial practices of gas metal arc (MIG-Wire- feeders) welding (GMAW).
Manufacturing/Welding Technology Survey
Career development in manufacturing/welding tech- nology. Emphasis is on manufacturing, welding, technical vocabulary, materials, industry standards, specifications, industrial saftey, technical drawings, basic physical metallurgy, equipment, and codes.
Arc Welding Processes and Power Sources
Career development as a welding technician, welder, lab technician, engineering aide, sales and service representative, or mid-manager. Emphasis is on the knowledge of ?arc? welding processes, theory ofShielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), power sources and equipment, base and filler materials, welder and procedure qualification and certification.
Welding Design, Layout, and Fabrication
The study and implementation of welding design and layout. Emphasis will be on product design, compnent layout, structural shapes and weldments, technical drawings, procurement, and problem solving in welding fabrication.
Welder Certification & Code Application
Preparation for welder certification under the specific code: AWS D-1.1.
Welder Certification and Code Applica- Tion- Open
Skills and techniques necessary for certification under American Welding Society: Open Root.
Automation for Metals Joining and Severing Processes
A study in the basic operation of manufacturing robotic welding and cutting equipment applications using the GMAW (Gas Metal Arc Welding) and PAC (Plasma Arc Cutting) processes.
Technical Specialized Welding Process
Acquisition of knowledge associated with welding applications and processes to include plasma arc welding, resistance seam and spot welding, submerged arc welding, electroslag welding, laser beam welding, and electron beam welding; with special emphasis on the set up and use of submerged arc welding and gas metal arc welding automation equipment. Student will develop welding procedures for weld automation applications using robotic welding equipment and the use of welding simulation technology.
Special Projects
Structured environment allowing the student the opportunity to define learned skill sets from previous welding courses. Tailored around the interests and needs of the individual with guidance from professional staff.